Nail Candy is a Yummy Treat

nailcandyNail Candy, nail polish in a pen, provides salon quality features that enable users of all ages to create artistic, colorful nail art. The product is a combination of salon quality nail polish, a brush and a unique patented micro-tip. “Before this product, you needed expensive and intricate tools, such as fine paint brushes, craft paint, and dotting and striping tools,” explains Caroline Lee, director of public relations and social networking for the company. With Nail Candy, a user can paint or brush nails in a solid color and then use the micro tip and real salon nail polish to create a design.

Jayme Parro, company president, has been in the consumer goods industry for more than 20 years, and utilizes his branding experience to effectively package and market the product to consumers. Nail Candy pens are bundled in eight regular canisters, each with a unique fashion theme, plus the Bling It On, which has rhinestones on the bottom of the pen. Canisters contain two pen choices and a total of 25 pens. Each pen has two colors, so each canister has a four-color collection. “We suggest retailers use the 25th pen as a demo product,” Jayme Parro remarks. The minimum order is one canister. Wholesale pricing is available upon request and retail is between $8 and $10. “The canister is only a six square inch footprint, and we encourage retailers to put it by their cash registers. It’s a great add-on or impulse purchase.”

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