Shower Buddy Easily Exfoliates

exfoliating shower buddyThe Exfoliating Soap Pocket Shower Buddy is a new bathing product that lets consumers exfoliate all body areas with either bar soap or body wash. Made of 100 percent nylon, the product has three pockets that are secured with Velcro, and looped handles at both ends for easy back and forth scrubbing. Janel McBrayer, product inventor and company CEO, says consumers love the Shower Buddy for several reasons. “It’s economical. Once you put a bar of soap in a pocket, it works until that soap is completely gone. It eliminates hazards because you are no longer dropping slippery bars of soap, stepping on them and falling. It is a health product because proper skin care requires exfoliation. And, the lather is tremendous, even from the smallest bar of soap.” After bathing, the Shower Buddy is hung to dry, and it has been McBrayer’s experience that the product does not mold or mildew.

The Exfoliating Soap Pocket Shower Buddy comes in several vibrant colors, including chocolate, emerald, passion, peacock, pumpkin, snow and teal. Additional colors are available, as well as private branding, with large quantity orders. Exfoliating Soap Pocket Shower Buddy wholesales from $5.50 to $7 and retails for $14.95, it is packaged in a hangtag, and the minimum order is 12 pieces. Demonstrating the product helps to sell it to consumers, McBrayer adds. “Outside of the shower, it is a phenomenal back scratcher.”

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