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StachetatsStacheTATS, temporary mustache tattoos, are the brainchild of Arthur Jaffee and Trace Adams, former University of Colorado football teammates. The duo launched StacheTATS in November of 2012 with its Jabroni series, and now creates, among others, holiday, glitter and glow in the dark, cause, flag and college “staches.” We have all sorts of colors, sizes and shapes,” says Adams. “We do realistic hair looking staches, bright pink ones for breast cancer and we’re licensed with various colleges right now.” One of the company’s official licensed StacheTATS, for example, is for Florida State. “It says Seminoles across the mustache and then has a little cheek symbol of their mascot.” StacheTATS is working on getting NHL, NBA, NFL and NASCAR licensing, Adams shares, and expects to introduce these products this summer.

StacheTATS temporary tattoos are suitable for any game, event, holiday, party or daily use, according to Adams. The product comes in two sizes. The large size holds four to six mustaches, wholesales for $3.50 and retails for $6.99. The junior size holds two to three mustaches, and wholesales for $2.50 and retails for $4.99. The minimum order is $100 and point-of-purchase displays are free with a $250 order. Products are waterproof, sweat proof and smile proof. They feature 100 percent FDA certified eco-ink, and each package includes step-by-step application instructions and alcohol wipes for easy tattoo removal.

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