Ziva Gem Launches Cover Girl Collection

Ziva GemsZiva Gem LLC recently launched its Cover Girl Collection, a line of top quality cubic zirconia jewelry. “Everything is assembled in the USA,” states Marc Klein, president, who has been in the cubic zirconia industry for 30 years. “We set our flawless cubic zirconia studs in every metal, including plated base metal, sterling silver and 14 karat gold, yet we’re price competitive with the China market.”

While Ziva Gem also makes cubic zirconia pendants and rings, its niche is the stud earring. “We take a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and make it in every size, shape and color in genuine cubic zirconia,” Klein mentions. The company creates the ever-popular round and square, as well as marquise, pear, oval, heart and triangle, shapes. Cover Girl cubic zirconia earrings are available in clear, ruby, black, lavender, amethyst, pink, champagne, yellow and orange.

Ziva Gem cubic zirconia studs are presently being sold in many department and specialty chain stores throughout the U.S. “Our Cover Girl brand is a guaranteed seller,” Klein points out. “America’s two biggest drug store chains are currently working on Cover Girl back-to-school orders.” This brand offers retailers tremendous profit margins, he adds. Wholesale price for a pair of cubic zirconia studs begins under $1 with MSRP up to $9.99. The minimum order is $100. Ziva Gem has a dual-purpose display that can stand on a counter or hang from an endcap, and it holds 48 pairs of earrings. The company offers custom programs as well.

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