North American Bancard: Personalized Payment Solutions

North American Bancard: Personalized Payment SolutionsNorth American Bancard (NAB), founded 21 years ago by Marc Gardner, CEO, is a full service payment solutions provider. The company offers small businesses a suite of payment products including credit, debit, EBT, mobile processing solutions, check conversion and guarantee, gift and loyalty card solutions, and more. NAB is dedicated to meeting the needs of small businesses, and continues to introduce new products, features and services that incorporate the latest technologies. NAB is the largest payment solutions provider in the USA, with more than 250,000 clients and over $13 billion in annual transactions, reports Todd Robinson, VP of marketing. “We continue to grow because we are innovators when it comes to this space,” he says. “We come up with new business tools connected with the payment process that make the business owner more effective at his or her job. If people are interested in our services, but they are with another provider, we offer a no obligation rate analysis. We can almost always lower someone’s rate. Typically it is at least 15 percent, sometimes quite a bit more.”

Traditional terminal, mobile and tablet solutions

NAB offers a variety of equipment and programs, from the typical credit card terminal seen in many stores, to mobile and tablet solutions. “We have a product called PayAnywhere, which is a mobile credit card reader and software that works with smartphones. For merchants on the road, this is an easy way to get payments and it is actually less expensive than other options, Robinson explains.

For merchants on the road, this is an easy way to get payments and it is actually less expensive than other options.

“If merchants have to key in credit card information over the phone, that costs them more money than if they swipe the credit card through the machine.” The PayAnywhere credit card reader is solidly built, and has a larger reader and a longer runway for the magnetic swipe than other readers. “The longer swipe ensures the data gets read properly,” Robinson points out. “PayAnywhere is designed to keep customers’ information safe and the supporting software helps owners manage their businesses.” NAB has also introduced a tablet solution, which is the first free tablet placement program in the industry. “It is like an iPad with a credit card reader attached, but it is much more functional than a typical credit card machine. Merchants can set up inventory for a quicker check-out process, update their customer lists and track sales,” Robinson notes. The tablet is currently sold under the Phone Swipe brand as part of a beta test with the next release included as a PayAnywhere product as well.

Programs and fees tailored to business needs

North American Bancard: Personalized Payment SolutionsNAB’s payment solutions include free equipment and no long-term contracts. Small business owners will have a customized solution designed to meet their specific needs. Different programs are available, and are based on the mix of debit/credit cards and processing volume. “Our account specialists analyze where you are as a small business owner and figure out the best program to meet your needs. We are confident that we offer the lowest rates in the industry,” Robinson assures. In addition to economical solutions that incorporate the latest technologies, NAB is dedicated to customer service. “We have 24/7/365 live support based in the USA. We do not offshore our support,” Robinson shares. “There are a lot of costs associated with running a small business. If we can help decrease or eliminate some of them, we have done our job. Companies are looking for cost effective solutions to let their customers use credit cards. We make it easy.”

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