Chill Out Naturally With Chillax

Chill Out Naturally With Chillax™In today’s hectic environment, some people turn to prescription drugs or happy hour to unwind. Many others try to live healthier lifestyles with natural approaches to relaxation such as ingesting herbal beverages. One such drink is Chillax™, a completely natural herbal relaxation product that relieves stress, calms anxiety and helps concentration. Available as a two-ounce shot, the product has zero calories, no carbohydrates and a mild cinnamon flavor. Chillax is made in the USA and contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, including chamomile, which calms anxiety and soothes the stomach; valerian root, which has been used to treat sleep disorders; white willow bark, an anti-inflammatory agent and pain reliever; cayenne, known for its cleansing and anti-irritant properties; cinnamon, a brain power booster that aids in focus; plus tea and more. The combination provides a balance of relaxation and mental clarity, according to Nicole McDougall, assistant. “People drink Chillax before a big test or business meeting to calm their nerves and help them focus. In addition, it is not an energy drink, so there is no crash effect.”

Dedication to natural remedies

Chill Out Naturally With Chillax™Joey Woodward and Jason Payne co-founded Chillax Drink LLC. They developed the product with the help of their families, after years of research, tests and trials. “Joey and Jason combined a natural approach with modern day medical knowledge to create this relaxation drink,” McDougall states. “They are passionate about holistic health, and have developed hundreds of natural remedies over time. Herbs have been used for thousands of years throughout the world for medicinal purposes.”

Chillax Drink LLC is seeking distributors and retail sellers. Wholesale starts at $1.79 per bottle, and pricing is tiered based on quantity. Retail is $2.99. The minimum order is one master case of 18 cartons, and each carton contains 12 bottles. Chillax is delivered in a colorful display box that lists the ingredients, name, logo and slogan, “Drink to the mind, body & soul.”

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