HempMedsPX Hemp Oil Products

CBD-Rich Hemp Oil ProductsMove over, blueberries. HempMedsPX hopes to introduce consumers to a new superfood: hemp oil derived from industrial hemp that is rich in cannabidiols (CBD) and other healthy constituents. Extracted from a cultivar of the same species as marijuana (Cannabis sativa), hemp oil is enjoying massive sales growth across the country as consumer attitudes toward hemp products changes, and people begin to realize the health benefits of consuming hemp oil, according to Charles Vest, vp of communications.

“Hemp seed oil is known to be rich in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, and hemp protein is an easily digestible complete vegetable protein, which means it contains all of the essential amino acids,” Vest explains. “When it comes to the over 65 cannabinoids unique to hemp, more and more people are doing their research and deciding to include natural cannabinoids in their diets.” HempMedsPX makes this easy, with a complete line of CBD-rich products, including tinctures, oils and capsules, plus a complete line of personal care products and a CBD-enriched gum.

Commitment to quality

CBD-Rich Hemp Oil ProductsEnvironmentally conscious consumers will also be happy to know that HempMedsPX plants are all grown on sustainable family farms around the world. During processing, the plants and hemp oil go through a rigorous quality control process that ensures “consistency from seed to sale.” Hemp grown for HempMedsPX is very different from the cannabis grown and marketed as medical marijuana, which is bred for low levels of CBD and high levels of the psychoactive THC. Industrial hemp has very low THC, meaning it is legal to distribute CBD-containing products and hemp oil in all fifty states.

“HempMedsPX provides the world with the first mainstream CBD-rich hemp oil products,” Vest points out. “Hemp is considered a super food, and is gaining popularity across the globe. As a result, our product lines are expanding rapidly based on consumer demand, and changing attitudes toward hemp in general. Now is the time for companies to be on the cutting edge of nutritional supplements.”

Buying details

The HempMedsPX line of products can be ordered by phone, or through the company’s website, which includes a section devoted to wholesale customers. The product lineup includes the popular Cibdex tincture drops and Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), as well as Cibaderm personal products and CanChew Gum. The company also offers product displays and marketing support. HempMedsPX and retailers selling hemp oil products cannot make medical claims about the benefits of these products, due to regulations from the Food and Drug Administration. They are considered food or nutritional supplements.


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