Dragon’s Blood Foam Cleanser

RSVP Men Dragon's Blood Foam CleanserRSVP Skin Care has found the secret ingredient to healthy skin: dragon’s blood. Extracted from a rare tree that grows only in the Indian Ocean, RSVP has built a line of exclusive, all organic skin care products around this “fantastic ingredient,” says RSVP President, Jesse Witham.

“We’re an all-natural and certified organic line of skin care products,” Witham explains. “As a company, we’re really ingredient-focused. All the bad stuff that other skin care lines put in to cut corners we don’t do at all.” Instead, RSVP offers a complete line of men’s skin care products that covers the bases in men’s skin care, all with the added benefit of dragon blood tree extract. “This is a great ingredient,” Witham says. “It’s in all of our products, including the best-selling Dragon’s Blood Foam Cleanser.”

RSVP Men Dragon's Blood Foam CleanserThe foam cleanser combines powerful natural ingredients like aloe, green tea, and lemon balm, with a lack of fragrances, parabens, dyes, and gluten, into a daily cleanser formulated specifically for men. Other top selling products include a hydrating green tea moisturizer, and the newly introduced 5-in-1 oil-free cleansing cloths. “The cleansing cloths are new,” Witham notes. “It’s a fantastic product and has quickly become one of our best-sellers. It cleanses, tones and moisturizes skin at the same time with a bamboo cloth. We picked bamboo because it doesn’t shred or leave behind pieces.”

RSVP also has a line of kits of bundled products that make it easier for consumers to pick up complete skin-care solutions without hunting and pecking for individual products. The most popular of these kits is the Anti-Aging Kit, which includes the exfoliating bamboo face scrub, moisturizer, anti-aging face serum, anti-wrinkle cream, and eye serum.

Ordering and pricing

RSVP Men Dragon's Blood Foam CleanserRSVP offers wholesale pricing to qualified retail outlets, including boutiques, salons, spas, and men’s apparel shops. The company has shelf-top and other product displays for retailers. Witham says these are perfect point-of-sale displays for retailers who want to carry only one line of men’s skin care products. “A lot of guys just want to be told what products are best,” Witham says. “A single display by the register is a great way to make a lot of sales.”

RSVP offers the industry standard 50 percent wholesale discount off its products, with the added bonus of free shipping on all US shipments. There is no minimum order, but retailers must be qualified for wholesale pricing. RSVP is a green company. All of its products are manufactured in a solar-powered facility, are certified organic, and none are tested on animals.

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