GNS Electronics Moves Into Consumer Electronics

GNS Electronics Moves Into Consumer ElectronicsIf you’re looking for electronics, especially security systems or consumer electronics, GNS Electronics has you covered. The company got its start manufacturing and selling home security systems, but according to sales manager Jason Deng, GNS has recently moved into consumer electronics. The new product lineup includes consumer favorites like e-cigarettes, dancing water speakers, and other products designed to appeal to mom n’ pop shops and other electronics retailers. “We added the consumer electronics in the past few months,” Deng says. “We have everything from speakers to USB chargers and car chargers. Anybody who sells electronics will find something in our product line.”

The complete product line includes floodlights, HDMI and phone cables, headphones, USB power banks, dancing water speakers and more. The entire product selection can be found on the company’s website. In home security, GNS has a long history of manufacturing and distributing a full line of products, offering everything from CCTV cameras to night vision wireless cameras, car cameras, baby monitors, and IP cameras. “Our primary focus has been security cameras,” Deng says. “We manufacture our own and private label for other manufacturers.”

GNS Electronics Moves Into Consumer ElectronicsOne of the advantages to buying from GNS is its status as a US company and wholesaler, according to Deng. “If you look around, a lot of times you can find Chinese companies to supply electronics,” he advises. “That’s no problem if you don’t have a problem. But when something goes wrong, that’s when you find out you have to send it back to China and it’s a hassle and you have to wait. With us, we handle our exchanges and repairs here. You don’t have to ship everything back to China.”

Wholesale purchasing

GNS is also distinguished by its flexibility as a wholesale supplier, according to Deng. The company doesn’t publish wholesale pricing on its website, but Deng says they are very flexible. “If you can show me another wholesale price, I’ll at least match it or probably beat it,” he said. “We work with our customers.” Stores need to supply a tax ID to become a verified wholesale buyer. GNS accepts PayPal, credit cards, or checks for payment. Aside from buying online or directly, GNS also attends a number of trade shows annually, including the International CES show in Las Vegas every year.

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