Binky Fresh Sanitizes Pacifiers & Bottle Nipples On The Go

Binky Fresh Sanitizes Pacifiers & Bottle Nipples On The GoHow many times have you or someone you know picked a pacifier up off the floor, rinsed it, and simply put it back into the mouth of a crying infant? Research shows binkies are covered in harmful bacteria. Some studies suggest pores in the plastic cannot only capture germs, food and water, but they can also create a perfect spot for bacterial, fungal growth and infection. Binky Fresh™’s UV pacifier and baby bottle sanitizer is the solution for this dirty problem. Plus, it is the only clinically tested and proven UV sanitizer that sanitizes baby pacifiers, baby bottle nipples, some teething toys and sippy cups. 

Cute and convenient design

Binky Fresh Sanitizes Pacifiers & Bottle Nipples On The GoPacifiers and bottle nipples get covered with dangerous and harmful germs. The early stages of a baby’s life is when their natural immunity levels are low, making them unable to fight against these harmful germs, and are most susceptible to infection. This can lead to illness. 

“We developed the Binky Fresh™ UV Sanitizer to help our parents control the spread of germs from pacifiers or bottles that go into our babies mouth and through to their immune system,” explains Teri Birney, R.D.H., CEO of 3B Global, manufacturer of Binky Fresh™. “Germs may be invisible but the fact remains they can cause great harm and are very harmful to one’s health.”

Binky Fresh Sanitizes Pacifiers & Bottle Nipples On The GoBinky Fresh™ was designed to kill the same bacteria that attack a baby’s developing immune system and is so easy to use, according to Birney. Simply place a baby pacifier inside and close the top. The UV light will go on for six minutes and will kill up to 99 percent of harmful bacteria.  To sanitize a baby bottle, open the bottom and simply place the sanitizer over the bottle nipple. The product has a safety feature, automatic shut off and a simple one-button on and off.

Binky Fresh™ is effective and most importantly safe for babies.  Binky Fresh™ is manufactured only in FDA registered facilities, tested & proven to be safe and effective in its’ use. 

Buying details

Binky Fresh accepts all major credit cards and wire transfers. Suggested retail price is $34.95-$39.95. Minimum order is one case (25 pieces). The product is sold in blister packaging. Birney says that retailers will hang these in their stores as an effective way to display the product. Binky Fresh has a one-year limited warranty with a no hassle return on any defective product.

Binky Fresh UV Pacifier & Bottle Sanitizer
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