Expanded Product Lines at Station Bay Wholesale

Station BayIt’s always exciting when a new idea is successful, and Station Bay Wholesale has plenty of reasons to be excited lately. Earlier this year, Station Bay introduced a new line of framed letter art in unusual and unique sizes. The framed letters offer the ultimate in flexibility: retailers can sell the photo-realistic letters and frames separately, so customers can make up their own phrases or spell their own names, or they can sell pre-made phrases like “LOVE” and “PEACE.” The frames are available in 9″ x 20″ and 9″ x 36″ sizes.

Sharon Leubrecht, owner of Station Bay Wholesale, reports that sales have taken off since the introduction, and the product offering has expanded. “It’s been doing really well,” she says. “We’ve been getting calls from customers who want us to do all sorts of interesting things with the frames.” To satisfy new requests, Station Bay recently introduced frames that include photographs before or after the letters. “You can put a picture in the front, and then spell a name,” Leubrecht explains.

The company has also introduced new designs, including a black matte design and a “dovetail matte,” which features a contrasting black and beige matte and slightly staggered letters, for an informal, fun approach. So far, Station Bay customers have customized the frames for weddings, hobbies and special interests, and other uses. “It’s really amazing how they’ve taken off,” Leubrecht reports. As always, the frames and letters are still highly customizable, and depending on the level of customization, they offer a solid margin at retail.

More colorful embroideries

Station BayThe expanded letter art isn’t the only growing product line. The company’s flagship embroideries have also undergone a transformation. Station Bay embroideries are a great way to permanently celebrate a favorite team. The embroideries feature sports team logos and symbols, are mounted in matte frames under glass, and will last for years. Embroideries are available in two sizes: 35″ x 12″ and 14″ x 26″. Station Bay offers embroideries from most major sports franchises, including the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, and the NCAA.  To expand the lineup even more, Station Bay has continued to add school and team colors. “We’re launching an option so customers can select certain colors for certain teams,” Leubrecht notes. “This way, customers don’t have to take whatever we have. They can design them for their own team.” The best way to merchandize embroideries is to hang several together on a very visible wall. 

Buying details

Station Bay products may be purchased by phone or online. Frames are shipped in lots of five. A single-matte embroidery runs $42/unit at wholesale, while double-matte embroideries are $45/unit. Suggested retail pricing starts at $89.95, but can increase depending on the team and demand. There is a $50 minimum order, and please call for customization requests for both embroideries and letter art.