SJT Introduces New Surfboard Decorative Wood Plaques

SJT EnterprisesSJT Enterprises has announced their new line of decorative wood plaques in the shape of surfboards. SJT, a consumer products company that makes all their products in the USA, has introduced their plaques that come in dozens of designs. 

“These have been shown at the recent Myrtle Beach, Philly and California Souvenir Shows,” explains SJT president Tim Smith. “The response has been terrific! The artwork is very appealing to the beach visitor and many can be name dropped with the location of the store. Plus these are made in the USA and not in China and so many retailers and consumers love to see that!”

The plaques measure 5’’ by 16’’, have a suggested retail range of $9.99 to $12.99 and are prices for wholesale at $4.50. The minimum order of any SJT products is $100. For more information visit and type SURFBOARD in the search bar for more details.