Reach Further with a Wholesale Selfie Stick

By Jon VanZile

Selfie SticksSelfie Sticks, which have been a global phenomenon, have begun to win over American consumers, largely due to the success of Jon Lightfoot, co-founder of Wholesale Selfie Sticks, remembers the moment he decided to create a business offering an item that became a revolutionary trend. “I was traveling and realized it was difficult to get a family shot that captured everybody just by holding the phone at arm’s length,” Lightfoot said. “And it’s always awkward handing the camera to someone else to take the picture.”

Around the same time, Lightfoot saw the Selfie Stick in action and did some research, quickly realizing that the United States was a wide open market for a product that had already taken Europe and Asia by storm. “This is a staple overseas,” he said. “It was this year’s must-have gift for Britain.”

The Selfie Stick is a simple and ingenious product, in fact it was named one of the top 25 inventions of 2014 by Time Magazine and Mashable noted that the “Selfie Stick Takeover” was one of the biggest takeaways from this year’s CES. Made from lightweight metal, the telescopic selfie stick firmly grips a smartphone or tablet so you can hold it up to three feet away to get a better selfie that includes multiple people or more background. Although the products are still new, innovation is happening rapidly, making them more attractive and functional.

“We’re really on the cusp of selfie sticks,” Lightfoot said. “Even just six months ago, there was only one on the market. Now we have a number to choose from in terms of colors and styles. They’re also getting more stable and compact, and the clip that holds the phones is highly secure.”

Selfie SticksIn earlier versions, the pole of the stick would sometimes loosen, causing the phones to spin or droop. This issue has been fixed with higher quality selfie sticks offered at just introduced a model that includes a mirror. “This will allow you to use the back camera, which is a higher quality camera than the front camera,” Lightfoot said. “We now offer a silicone remote shutter case that attaches the Bluetooth remote to the stick, which gives the ultimate level of Bluetooth compatibility while simultaneously removing the common Bluetooth barrier, which is to have a selfie stick and remote as separate components.

Selfie Stick offers a complete line of sticks and accessories. The company was the first to offer a selfie sling, or a lanyard that attaches to the Selfie Stick so it’s easy to carry hands-free and manipulate quickly when a photo opportunity arises.

How to Buy

Selfie Sticks and accessories, including display units, are available on the company’s website and by phone. Wholesale customers have to supply a business license or reseller’s permit to quality for reduced pricing. There is a 10-piece minimum order. Display units are also available, and the company offers complete starter kits that make it easy to set up and merchandise. Starter packages include the display, 12 units, and demonstration product. All orders include free shipping and ship within 1-2 business days. Selfie Sticks wholesale for as low as $6.99/unit with a suggested retail price of $18 to $20.