Help Customers Eliminate Odors

By IvyLee Rosario

Sweet Feet SprayWhen it comes to eliminating odors, one always thinks about buying a product that will cover it up or conceal where the odor is coming from, but not deteriorating the odor completely. This is where Telamcorp’s Sweet Feet Spray comes into use. With help from the Sweet Feet line you can ensure that anything from smelly shoes to smoke can be diminished in only a few seconds. “The formula of our products attaches to the malodor molecules and counteracts the odor, neutralizing it completely,” said CEO of Telamcorp Edward Rodarte.

Breaking out by eliminating the odors commonly made in TOMS Shoes, the line of odor eradicating sprays has now expanded to rid more than just the smell in footwear. The next spray to hit the market was Shoo Fly, which is made with natural repellants like plants and vegetables that guarantees flies will not alight because of the smell. Next came the Smoke Off spray that rids odors from cigarette and cigar smoke by sucking up the ions to wipe out the smell. In addition to pests and foot odor, Telamcorp also created a spray that will eliminate not only odors but also embarrassment. “The Crapper Zapper spray is used by spraying the toilet before going to the bathroom so by the time you are finished,” said Rodarte, “there is no smell and you will not have to be embarrassed when you use the bathroom in somebody else’s house, or anywhere for that matter.”

Sweet Feet SprayTelamcorp will be at ASD Marketweek, booth 1454, debuting the Crapper Zapper as well as its other iconic sprays. The newest products that consumers should keep an eye out for are the UGlow, a glow in the dark body oil and a pet spray in the works debuting in the summer. “We have a lot of pet owners that use Sweet Feet on their animals because it is human and animal safe,” said Rodarte. “This way we can have something specifically for pets that will not cover up, but instead get rid of their odors.”

Not only does Telamcorp want to create an odor solution for their customers, they also want to help the environment while doing it. “The goal is to introduce consumers to new innovative products that offer natural based ingredients,” said Rodarte. “We want to promote a healthy environment so that is why we see ourselves as a life style brand.”