Expand Your Reach with Promoted Pins

By Hannah West

PinterestPinterest is easy, free and about to make a huge difference in the way you market your store. Social media is necessary for independent retailers, but Pinterest is unique in the benefits that it brings to the table. Pinterest is a place where consumers go to search for their specific wants, needs and ideas – your store needs to be there in their search results.

In the past year, Pinterest has come a long way, specifically with the launch of their ad platform. Retailers have always considered Pinterest as their “stomping ground” as far as social media was concerned, but now they have the chance to up the ante with Promoted Pins.

Business owners, in the United States only, are the lucky ones able to use the promoted pins feature. In order to be considered, visit ads.pinterest.com and sign up to be on the wait-list. It may take some time, but we can assure you it is worth the wait.

In the meantime, what is a promoted pin, exactly? Promoted pins are paid ads on Pinterest. A promoted pin targets demographics of your choice and only has a cost associated with them when someone clicks on that pin. The ads you see on the side of your Facebook news feed, the tweets and Instagram photos that read “Promoted” above them are equivalent to a promoted pin.

During the holidays, retailers usually have a certain item or product in mind that will ultimately be their best-seller. When uploading this item to Pinterest, retailers want to draw as much attention as possible to this pin – that is where promoted pins come in handy. Once that pin is promoted, people who do not originally follow your business or brand on Pinterest will have the opportunity of being exposed to your store. Are you a seasonal business, sell time-sensitive goods or running a sale? These are all reasons that retailers love promoted pins.

PinterestThe process of promoting a pin is relatively simple (although, we suggest using Pinterest on your desktop). Decide which pin you would like to promote and hover over it. Once you do so, the word “Promote” will appear – click on it. This will direct you to a new screen where you need to fill out all of the appropriate details associated with your pin.

Once you have dabbled with promoting pins and have gotten used to the process, you will be comfortable visiting the tracking section where you can see how responsive the Pinterest community was to your Promoted Pins. Depending on the results, you will be able to determine a more solid strategy moving forward.

If you are looking to expand your reach on Pinterest while you are still on the waiting list – you are in luck. Here are our top five tips that will propel your brand even further than pinning alone.

Make sure your pins have captivating graphics. When pinners are scrolling through thousands of pins a day, you need to catch their eye.

Cross promote your pins on your other social media channels. Tweet or post a status containing a link to a pin of a recipe or new product in your store. This immediately expands your audience and brings outsiders to your Pinterest boards.

Hashtags work on Pinterest the same way they do on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use them appropriately and sparingly, but use them in order to reach more people.

Use appropriate keywords! Add specific, descriptive adjectives to your pin descriptions. This allows your pins to pop-up when people use the search bar.

Create a group board and invite your customers to add to it via your other social media sites.

Before you know it, you will be engaging on Pinterest more effectively than you ever have before. Take these tips with you as you sign up for the promoted pins wait-list. Pinterest requires some time and patience, but so does being an independent retailer.