Count on Whistle Creek for Hiking Sticks

By IvyLee Rosario

Whistle CreekWhistle Creek, better known as the manufacturer of America’s Hiking Stick, has been in business since 1984 producing rustic walking and hiking sticks all made in the United States. The company prides itself on guaranteed success, so if a customer is unsatisfied with the merchandise, Whistle Creek will buy back the product. “We sell high quality merchandise,” said Jimmy Marler, owner of Whistle Creek. “We offer to everyone, if the product does not sell we will take it back from you without any problems. That is a pretty good guarantee.”

These walking and hiking sticks can be found anywhere from museums and parks, to sporting goods stores and gift shops. Whistle Creek offers a variety of different hiking sticks, so retailers can have a choice of what their customers might want to buy. Some include the wildlife series that has a paw print or feather of an animal carved into the knob, the discovery series that is carved with a twist, or the tracker series with paw print leather straps. “We even sell an assortment pack so our customers can try out different types of sticks in their store,” said Marler. “They can see what sells the best and then order what their customers liked the most in their part of the country.”

Whistle CreekAlthough Whistle Creek has kept the series of hiking sticks the same over the years, that does not mean this company does not evolve with the times. “Every year we try to come up with something new, whether it be new sticks or a new series, we are always looking for something different to share,” said Marler. “This year we have the Aspen sticks in our catalog, which is a white colored light type wood.”

In addition to creating new designs, Whistle Creek is adapting to make their sticks multipurpose. The wildlife series has a camera pod where the hiker can unscrew the knob and stick their camera at the top just in time to take that perfect sunset photo. “We are always experimenting and trying new ideas. It is always trial and error until we get something good,” said Marler. “We are adapting to the times to create different features.” Whistle Creek also offers sticks featuring whistles or compasses, the Survival Kit in a Sardine Can, which features matches, a whistle, safety pins, duct tape and more and the Planter’s Staff, which comes with a seed-packet to plant your own tree. “The Planter’s Staff is going to go big one of these days,” said Marler. “Right now it is still getting started.” Plus, customers receive a free display on first order when they purchase a 25-piece assortment of sticks.

Whistle Creek is a company known for providing quality products to its customers, products that will last and be enjoyed by everyone, said Marler. From Sassafras and Douglas Fir to Dogwood and Oak, Whistle Creek has it all when it comes to quality hiking and walking sticks. “Whistle Creek is called America’s Walking Stick company for good reason.”