Neckwear with Personality

By IvyLee Rosario

Alynn NeckwearFor over thirty years Alynn Neckwear has produced “Conversational” ties allowing their customers to express their personalities and add uniqueness to their wardrobe. Established in 1979 by Alan and Lynn Cadan, Alynn Neckwear has made a name for itself when it comes to its originality and clever name choices. Hand sewn and made out of 100% silk, these neckties are sure to be a conversation starter with their large variety of designs and colors. “Alan had quite the sense of humor and his ties definitely sparked conversation. We have done our best to keep that tradition alive to this day,” said Jennifer Kurz, Director of Wholesale Sales. With designs such as American flags, shamrocks and horse racing, there is a tie to fit every customer’s character. These neckties take normal menswear to a new level buy creating a statement piece to go with any suite. Customers can jazz up their boring black or grey suit with a piece that will prove to be eye catching.

Alynn Neckwear prides themselves on their creative designs and “punny” tie names to keep customers interested. Names like Cool Your Jets, Grape Minds Drink Alike and I’m a Fun-Gi are just some of the memorable names this company has come up with for their neckties. “It is not just ties we are selling, but the names as well,” said Kurz. “They are clever and this kind of creativity is what sets us apart from what other companies might be selling.” With the huge success of these ties, Alynn Neckwear is looking forward to continue growing as a business. Over the last few years the company has been expanding the line, including cufflinks, ladies scarves and soon enough, said Kurz, conversational socks and belts. “We are very excited about these new additions to the line and feel that they will be greatly successful.”

Alynn NeckwearIn addition to expanding, Alynn also keeps an eye out for best sellers that they can grow with. An art team creates all the designs, so the brainstorming process begins in house. Not only does the company offer different colors and patterns, but they also listen to customer requests. “We had so many requests from our buyers to make a bear tie, so we did,” said Kurz. “We are always watching what continues to be our best sellers, and then we make a new tie from that popular theme. If something is requested enough then we will definitely make a tie for it. We do our best to bring new product to the market place.”

The minimum opening order is $450.00 and the customers are required to purchase 3 ties per style or color.  The wholesale price is $19.00 and they retail for $45.00. Alynn Neckwear produces new styles twice a year in June and November to supply their customers with product before trade show season starts. “We have continued to grow and evolve the line through the years,” said Kurz,” and we are very proud of our creative designs.”