Never LUZE Remotes Again

by Jon VanZile

No LuzeThe NO LUZE remote finder is one of those products that seems like such a good idea it leaves you wondering why it took this long to be introduced to the U.S. market. The product consists of a simple suction cup attached to a flexible cord with a clip on the end. The clip is designed to fasten to a special sticky backing that fits on standard remotes. When it is assembled on a remote, the system guarantees that remote controls—which seem to be forever trying to escape into couch cushions or out-of-the-way shelves—will never be lost again. The suction cups can be attached to any hard surface, including tables, furniture, beds, and even walls.

According to company COO Tom Roach, his business partner, Larry Royer invented the NO LUZE out of necessity. “He has lived in China for 19 years,” Roach said. “They do not have a lot of TV stations, but they watch a lot of movies and he would end up losing his remote all the time when he was watching TV at night.  So he invented this product with a suction cup and stuck his remote to his bed. It worked so well that when he asked me if I wanted to be involved, I said absolutely.”

No LuzeThe NO LUZE remote finder was formally unveiled at the ASD show in Las Vegas in early March 2015 and quickly found an enthusiastic reception. Buyers from all over the retail spectrum were interested in stocking up on NO LUZE remote finders. “The reception was incredible,” Roach remembers. “We had immediate interest from huge retailers.” Instead of quickly signing an exclusive with a big-box store, however, Roach says they wanted to develop their market and offer the product to independent retailers. According to Roach, the NO LUZE is easy to merchandise and has an instant appeal. The product comes in hanging packs that can easily be displayed near a register or other high-traffic area. Roach says it is the perfect impulse product for convenience stores, gift shops, mom ‘n’ pop shops, electronics retailers, or anyone else with a high traffic volume.

Purchasing the NO LUZE remote finder

NO LUZE remote finders are available through the company. Individual sets wholesale at $4.85 per unit with a suggested retail price of $9.95 per unit. Volume discounts are available, ranging up to 60 percent, according the company website. NO LUZE remote finders ship in 60 units to a case. An economy display is available that displays 6 units at a time.