Plaques Make the Perfect Gift

by IvyLee Rosario

SJT EnterprisesWhen searching for the perfect gift, customers look for a few basic traits: price, creativity, quality, and whether that gift can be meaningful for the person they are buying for. All of these qualities can be found in SJT Enterprises decorative wood plaques. With categories like pet, humor and words of wisdom, it is guaranteed customers will find a plaque that works for them. Now celebrating their 30th Anniversary, SJT is proud of the milestone they have reached and is confident that they will continue to grow and be successful. “This company started in a spare bedroom of a house as a mail order company, and now it has evolved and will keep evolving in the years to come,” said Tim Smith, owner of SJT. “Our customers can count on quality, all of our merchandise is made in the USA, and we backorder nothing. That is something that makes us different from a most other companies.”

The perfect gift should be something that targets the person specifically because it pertains to them, whether it be their favorite saying, animal or an object you know they cannot live without. “If you know you are buying a gift for a friend who is obsessed with wine or coffee or chocolate then you can buy them a corresponding plaque that you know they will love because it not only shows how well you know them,” said Smith, “but that you wanted to take the time and find something they would enjoy displaying in their home.” With price being another major thought when buying gifts, customers can feel relieved that with SJT, they do not have to spend much money in order to get something personalized and meaningful.

SJT EnterprisesThe company adds new series to their business every few months and takes into account popular areas customers might be buying from and themes that prove to be important to most people. “Our most popular series is the one we started with, the dog plaques,” said Smith. “It becomes an emotional thing when customers see a sign with the type of dog they own on it. You would be surprised at the amount of people who show me pictures of their dogs instead of their kids.” SJT also offers occupational plaques with lines such as “I’m a Nurse, What’s Your Super Power?”.  Surfboard shapes, lake signs, and their newest beach plaques that are perfect to hang in beach homes or anywhere for customers that live near the water, or are obsessed with the beach are also huge. “These are products that hit home with people, something that is specific to that one person,” said Smith. “That is why these plaques will make the perfect gift.” So whether you have an affinity for animals, coffee or the ocean, there is a plaque that would fit ideally. For more information on SJT visit or call 1-800-326-7419.