Emerging Technologies Combat Retail Theft


Organized retail crime (ORC), shoplifting and employee theft are growing concerns among merchants, but emerging tools offer retailers some security in protecting their bottom lines from loss. Retail Systems Research (RSR) says retailers are at risk of being rendered irrelevant if they are unable to keep up with this new technology. According to the National […]

2013: A Retail Odyssey


From mobile payments to theft deterrents to tools for driving customer loyalty, technology figures prominently in the retail environment in 2013 and beyond. [Read more]

Prevent Return Fraud


Holiday crowds and overflowing shelves provide opportunities for dishonest shoppers to take advantage of retailers with return fraud. [Read more]

LP and Operations: Combat Shrink and Boost Profitability

andrew wren

Loss prevention teams, in partnership with operations professionals, can broaden their scope to combat profit losses of all kinds. [Read more]

Turning Up the Heat on Summertime Losses

Summertime Loss Prevention

New research highlights the relationship between effective operating practices and shrink, providing insights for loss prevention. [Read more]

New Technologies, New Risks

secure technology

New technologies will come and go, opening new windows of opportunity for theft, fraud and loss. [Read more]

Recognizing and Preventing Hidden Loss

Business Strategy

While not classified as shrink, hidden losses are just as detrimental to the retailer’s bottom line as theft. [Read more]

Preventing Return Fraud This Holiday Season

Loss Prevention Fraud

Procedural review audits (PRAs) are an effective tool for systematically combating return fraud. [Read more]

Prepare for a Successful New Year with Procedural Review Audits

Procedural Review Audits

PRAs enable management to measure consistency, and pinpoint loss prevention challenges. [Read more]