Words That Turn Shoppers into Buyers

Turn Shoppers into Buyers

It is said that words often have the power to move mountains—figuratively speaking. [Read more]

Open Source vs. Hosted Shopping Cart Solutions

Shopping Cart Solutions

Owners of ecommerce businesses have many options when it comes to choosing a platform for selling their products. Options include hosted solutions, open-source and custom solutions. [Read more]

Words That Make And Lose Money on Your Ecommerce Site


Crafting a marketing strategy that works to generate sales is not an easy feat. However, it can become easier when taking into consideration some tried and true psychological factors that have been proven to persuade consumers to take action. One of those psychological factors is the power of words. [Read more]

Email Marketing That Drives Sales

Email Marketing 101

A staple in any customer retention program is the ability to write emails that strengthen relationships, get responses, and persuade action. With an overflow of emails hitting inboxes daily, it’s important to develop an approach that not only gets notice, but also is effective at getting results. Make no mistake; email marketing is not an easy feat. It can be made simpler, however, by breaking it down into core tasks, and understanding the job each task plays in the overall campaign. [Read more]

Why Retailers Need to Integrate into Mobile

Why Retailers Need to Integrate into Mobile

ComScore reported in 2012 that the number of mobile users accessing the Internet would surpass traditional desktop users by the end of 2014. In fact, ComScore reports this occurred for the first time in the first month of this year. In January 2014, users accessing the Internet via a mobile device exceeded those who accessed through a desktop computer. [Read more]

13 Free Online Marketing Tools

13 Free Web Marketing Tools

The best things in life are free, right? Well, not always, but when it comes to online marketing, retailers don’t have to break the bank to find excellent tools that increase productivity. From research and analytics to social media and reputation management, following is a list of completely free tools that will boost any online marketing effort. [Read more]

Characteristics of Good Home Pages

Characteristics of Good Home Pages

The home page plays an important role in the overall picture of a successful ecommerce site. It often sets the tone for the rest of the visitor experience, and is typically the page visitors will return to in order to reacquaint themselves. [Read more]

Characteristics of Good Product Pages

Characteristics of Good Product Pages

The product page is one of the most important pages on an ecommerce site, and a place to display new items. Unlike brick and mortar stores which naturally possess a hold on the customer, due in part to the time it would take to leave and seek a similar or same product at another store, buyers online can move from store to store in just a few seconds. [Read more]

7 Tips to Master Pay Per Click

7 Tips to Master Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) advertising should be a staple in any serious effort to grow a business. When set up correctly, PPC can increase traffic, revenue, and profits for any business in any industry. When set up incorrectly, efforts usually end up costing more money than they are worth, and become a liability rather than an asset to the business [Read more]

10 Best Shipping Practices

10 Shipping Best Practices

It is no secret that shipping is one of the most essential elements in helping to close ecommerce sales. Customers want to know how much it is going to cost to ship their orders, and when they will receive them, and they want that information readily available. [Read more]