5 Steps to Promote Your Holiday Open House

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Hosting a Holiday Open House is one of the most exciting ways to draw shoppers into your store, both for you and your guests. The experience helps to create and nurture valuable relationships between your business and the people in your community. [Read more]

Take a Break and Put Your Marketing on Autopilot

Put Your Marketing on Auto-Pilot

Whether you are traveling for tradeshows or you’re taking off for a much deserved summer vacation, there are three simple steps to put your marketing on autopilot and keep your store’s foot traffic up, even while you are away. [Read more]

Building In-Store Loyalty Online

How to Build a Loyal Customer Following

Building customer loyalty is essential for brick and mortar merchants, and today that requires online customer appreciation. Not only will this encourage engagement on your social networks, but it also will keep your brand top-of-mind when your customers decide where to shop. Your independent business will thrive as long as you address online comments and questions as attentively as you would in your retail store. Here are four tips to help you do just that. [Read more]

Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing 101

We have all heard the sensational proclamations that email is dead, but that is simply not the case. Regardless of what new technology makes its debut, email is alive and kicking, and has consistently ranked as one of the most popular behaviors among online adults for the last decade. According to the Pew Research Center, 92 percent of online adults use email today. Over time, online adults have increased their daily email use from 49 percent in 2002 to more than 60 percent today. [Read more]

Get the Most out of Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is November 30, 2013. The event began in 2010 as a tiny initiative by American Express to encourage consumers to shop at locally owned stores, and has manifested into a national movement. Falling each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday was created to help independent businesses compete with the rush of big-box sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. [Read more]

Pinterest: A Retailer’s Social Media Superman (part 2)

Pinterest: A Retailer’s Social Media Superman (part 2)

It is exposure. It is brand awareness. It’s Pinterest! In the August 2013 issue of Independent Retailer Magazine, you learned why Pinterest has quickly become the top social media network for retail marketing, earning the title of Social Media Superman. It is now time to learn how you can incorporate Pinterest into your marketing mix. The following six simple strategies are the perfect recipe for you to create big-box kryptonite. [Read more]

Pinterest: A Retailer’s Social Media Superman (part one)


Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter are essential business tools. They help retailers connect with and inform existing customers, and allow them to pick up a few new customers along the way. Pinterest gives you the capacity to skyrocket your brand exposure with a single click, and is one of the greatest social media channels to ramp up lead generation. If you are not yet marketing your retail store on Pinterest, then you are missing a serious opportunity to increase sales. [Read more]

7 Tips For Profitable Trade Shows


By Jessica Moretti. The trade show season is in full swing, and saying you are going to be busy is quite an understatement. Even during this hectic time, do not neglect your loyal customers or ditch your marketing efforts.  Instead, use this as an opportunity to get the most out of your trade show attendance […]

The Anatomy of the Perfect Email Newsletter


By Jessica Moretti Consumers are under a constant barrage of advertisements and promotions, making it increasingly difficult to capture their attention. In a world full of noise, a good way to stand out from the crowd is to send a message that isn’t focused on selling, but instead works to nurture the relationship with your […]