Protecting Gear With Witz Sportcases

Witz Sportcases

Travel and outdoor adventure are two pleasures in life, though transporting and protecting your gear can be decidedly the opposite. [Read more]

Sports Licensing Done Right

Pro Image Sports

Pro Image Sports has been at the forefront of the sports licensed industry for nearly 30 years, and they have never been stronger. [Read more]

Australian Natural Soap: The Gift Everyone Appreciates

Australian Natural Soap

Australian Natural Soapworks, run by David Nichols, sells natural products created using a certified, sustainable soap base of vegetable oils, including organic shea butter. [Read more]

Horsing Around at the Denver Market

Western and English Sales Association

Perfect for the horse and the rider, the Denver Market has everything western that retailers are looking for. [Read more]

How Independent Retailers Can Leverage the Internet of Everything to End the Checkout Line

End the Checkout Line

Waiting in checkout lines is one of a consumer’s greatest frustrations when it comes to shopping. In fact, 52 percent of consumers report that they would actually take their business elsewhere if checkout wait times exceed five to 10 minutes. Independent retailers can end the frustration of waiting in line by using Internet of Everything (IoE) technologies such as mobile applications, Wi-Fi, sensors and predictive analytics to optimize the checkout or even eliminate it completely. [Read more]

Webrooming: From Online Browsing to In-Store Buying


By Sheppard Morrow Just as our computers, phones, and music players of today would be nearly unrecognizable to people from ten years ago, the modern consumer would be a stranger to retail marketers of yore. Commercials, billboards, and other forms of push advertisements fail to impress today’s consumer, while phone books and paper maps have […]

The July 2015 Issue of Independent Retailer Magazine is Available Now!

Independent Retailer July 2015

The July 2015 issue of Independent Retailer Magazine – The July 2015 Issue of Independent Retailer Magazine is the Apparel Trends Issue. [Read more]

Is a Merchant Loan Right for Your Business?

Merchant Loans

Many independent retailers have capital needs that come in various forms. [Read more]

Does Your Brand Image Match Its Personality?

Company Branding

There is nothing worse than seeing a business with a great idea and concept fail to communicate successfully to their audience due to a lack of consistent branding. [Read more]

How Point of Sale Can Benefit All Retailers

Point of Sale

Ever since the 1900′s where local corner stores dominated the retail world, the customer experience has pretty much remained a constant. [Read more]