Protecting Gear With Witz Sportcases

Witz Sportcases

Travel and outdoor adventure are two pleasures in life, though transporting and protecting your gear can be decidedly the opposite. [Read more]

Shop Variety at the St. Louis Gift Show

St. Louis Gift Show

From giftware, jewelry and furniture to handbags, candy and seasonal merchandise, the St. Louis Gift Show has it all. [Read more]

Webrooming: From Online Browsing to In-Store Buying


By Sheppard Morrow Just as our computers, phones, and music players of today would be nearly unrecognizable to people from ten years ago, the modern consumer would be a stranger to retail marketers of yore. Commercials, billboards, and other forms of push advertisements fail to impress today’s consumer, while phone books and paper maps have […]

Apparel Trends for the Entire Family

Apparel Trends

The apparel market for retailers is an ever-growing one, an industry whose profitability is always increasing. [Read more]

Shifting to EMV Credit Cards: More Than a Technology Change

EMV Credit Cards

The past two years have been anything but quiet for the retail industry, with some high-profile cases shining a spotlight on fraudulent use of or access to credit/debit cards and personal information. [Read more]

Fix Common Mistakes Shoppers Dislike About Websites

Website Tips

It is no secret that more and more consumers around the world are shopping online. [Read more]

Quick Tactics to Optimize Your Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Nearly 1 billion websites exist out there in the World Wide Web. Millions of those websites have hundreds of individual landing pages. [Read more]

Made in the USA: Strengthening American Business

Made in the USA

Made in America is making a comeback in the retail industry in spite of the aftermath of the country’s recession. [Read more]

Trending Products Made in the USA

Made in the USA

In a recent study conducted by Consumer Reports, more than 60 percent of people interviewed claimed they would gladly shell out more money for American made products—even if those products cost an average of 10 percent more than products sourced internationally. [Read more]

Personalized and Customized Items: Mementos For Any Occasion

Personalized and Customized Items

A medallion from California, an ornament from Paris, a frame from Florida – [Read more]