Customized and Personalized Gifts Boost Profits


Whether shopping for apparel or sneakers, buyers seek out products that are tailored to their needs. Personalized shirts and iPhone cases are two of the most searched for products on Google, and a growing number of manufacturers are offering the option to modify existing products online. For independent retailers looking to increase sales, customized merchandise […] Launches, Supercharges the Buy Local Movement

Goliath Falls launches

Sumner Communications, Inc. launched, a unique directory that showcases America’s locally owned independent businesses, thus bolstering the “Buy Local” movement that has been gaining momentum in recent years. [Read more]

Custom Thermometers & More

Heritage America by Morco

Heritage America by Morco, the retail arm of Morco Advertising Products, has made a business out of finding new ways to present everyday items, particularly thermometers. [Read more]

Blank Stuff Tees & Magnets

Blank Stuff Tees & Magnets

Printed bumper stickers and tee shirts with with fill-in-the-blank areas that allow you to express your own opinion. [Read more]

Piece of the Beach Plaster Kits

Beach and Nature Company

Beach and Nature Company makes handcrafted beach ornaments and kits for customers interested in making their own ornaments. [Read more]

Boost Fuel Saver

Boost Fuel Saver

When added to gasoline or diesel fuel, Boost Fuel Saver increases fuel economy up to 10 percent or more. [Read more]

Laws Aid Small Biz

JOBS Act aids small business startups

While government regulations and business tax laws continue to concern independent retailers, some of the policies enacted in January are having a positive effect on small businesses and startups. [Read more]

Bid or Buy At Ubid Deals

Ubid Deals

Ubid Deals is an online community that connects individual buyers, corporate sellers and small business operators with a vast array of wholesale merchandise. [Read more]

Colorful Torch Flame Lighters

image of color flame kings lighters

“They look and feel like $20 lighters, and have electronic ignition and adjustable flame,” says Jaime Anast, president and product designer. [Read more]

Apparel Facts: Making the Cut

image of latest fashion tips

Some of the top apparel trends predicted for 2013 include expressive prints, performance fabrics and leather garments. [Read more]