How Independent Retailers Can Leverage the Internet of Everything to End the Checkout Line

End the Checkout Line

Waiting in checkout lines is one of a consumer’s greatest frustrations when it comes to shopping. In fact, 52 percent of consumers report that they would actually take their business elsewhere if checkout wait times exceed five to 10 minutes. Independent retailers can end the frustration of waiting in line by using Internet of Everything (IoE) technologies such as mobile applications, Wi-Fi, sensors and predictive analytics to optimize the checkout or even eliminate it completely. [Read more]

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Merchant Loans

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Does Your Brand Image Match Its Personality?

Company Branding

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How Point of Sale Can Benefit All Retailers

Point of Sale

Ever since the 1900′s where local corner stores dominated the retail world, the customer experience has pretty much remained a constant. [Read more]

Marketing Crash-Course: 4 Critical Marketing Tips for New Businesses

New Business

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5 Essential Products to Stock When Setting Up a Small Fashion Store

Fashion Store

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Window Displays Around the World

Shop Windows

Retailers across the world identify the window display as the first point of contact, which occurs between the store and the customer. [Read more]

How Ecommerce Retailers Can Get Ahead of Competition


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Independent Retail Tenants: Negotiate Your Commercial Lease

Leasing for Dummies

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5 Ways the Corner Store Should Think Walmart

Small Data Opportunity

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