How One Tablet Can Save a Brick and Mortar Store

Tablets in Retail Stores

The boundaries that once prevented a traditional brick-and-mortar store from reaching their full potential began to diminish when the tablet was introduced. [Read more]

Using Video to Engage Customers on Facebook and Instagram

Social Media Video

Gone are the days where you need expensive camera equipment, lighting and professional editing software to create an effective video. [Read more]

Inventory Management and Returns: Drop Shipping Part I

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping seems to be an increasingly popular option for businesses when it comes to selling merchandise. [Read more]

Beyond Shipping


Many companies view shipping the same way they might look at utilities or phone service: a necessary evil, a cost of doing business. [Read more]

Best Practices for Buying Returned and Excess Merchandise

Returned & Excess Merchandise

Relaxed customer return policies by major retailers and manufacturers increase customer loyalty but they also drive up the amount of merchandise that is sent back. [Read more]

Quick Tactics to Optimize Your Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Nearly 1 billion websites exist out there in the World Wide Web. Millions of those websites have hundreds of individual landing pages. [Read more]

The P’s and Q’s of Merchandising


In the wide world of marketing, business owners can target their audiences in a variety of ways. [Read more]

Connecting with the Customer

Connecting with Your Customers

In the beginning your sale has unlimited potential. It also carries the potential to be a long-winded, drawn-out marathon. [Read more]

Inventory Gone Wild? Keep Everything in Check with These Tips

Inventory Gone Wild

Inventory management has come a long way since the days of clipboards or spreadsheets. [Read more]

Top 3 Essential Email Marketing Tips and Ideas for Retailers

Email Marketing

Your email list is one of the most valuable assets to your business. [Read more]