Beyond Your Lines – Toys

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Expanding your retail merchandise always comes with the same set of questions: what do I want to sell next and how do I begin selling those items? [Read more]

Independent Retailer’s 2015 Retail Outlook

Independent Retailer's 2015 Retail Outlook

As 2015 unfurls before us, Independent Retailer is excited to offer you a comprehensive review of the industry outlook for the year. [Read more]

Being a Good Sport: Getting the Most from Licensed Products

Licensed Products

If you want proof that America is crazy about sports, you only need to look at the numbers: in 2013, North Americans (including both the United States and Canada) snapped up $13.4 billion in licensed products from major sporting leagues, not including collegiate sales. [Read more]

Unwrapping The Gift & Souvenir Market

Souvenir Shopping

The gift and souvenir market is big business. According to market research firm, First Research, the gift and souvenir market totaled about $18 billion in sales in 2013, spread among 30,000 stores in the category. [Read more]

SnapRetail Provides Free Webinar and Resources to Help Retailers Prepare for Small Business Saturday

SnapRetail Marketing Solution Saves You Time

SnapRetail, the leader in marketing automation for small retailers and merchants, will help maximize the success of independent store owners this Small Business Saturday by offering a free webinar and other resources. [Read more]

Q&A: The Rapid Growth of C-Stores in the US

NACS Trade Show

The U.S. convenience store industry boasts a total of 151,282 stores (as of December 31, 2013) across the country and posted $696 billion in total sales in 2013. [Read more]

ShopKeep $500,000 Holiday Giveaway is tacking on an extra month onto their “Race to 1 Million” promotion, giving away an additional $500k worth of product to help businesses prepare for the holiday season. [Read more]

Getting it Right: Kiosk and Cart Retailing

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To sum kiosk and cart success up in a word, it would be “focus.” While it seems like having easy access to foot traffic would be a huge advantage, running a successful kiosk is a discipline that begins long before the first product is offered for sale. Kiosk owners who are focused in their design, marketing, and product selection stand the best chance of success. Those who are relaxed, thinking that just being in a busy mall environment and offering a bunch of loosely connected “popular” products will guarantee sales, risk failure. [Read more]

Shoppers Prefer Gift Cards

More than Two Thirds of Shoppers Will Buy Gift Cards This Season

There is a lot of talk these days about switching to virtual, digital and mobile payments. We hear every day about how soon we’ll be paying for holiday shopping sprees with our phones instead of our wallets and plastic gift cards. However, you probably didn’t know that the vast majority of Americans still prefer physical gift cards to electronic ones. [Read more]

Made In USA In High Demand

Made in USA

According to retailers across the spectrum of industries and outlets, consumers are increasingly responsive to the “Made in USA” message. There are many possible explanations for this trend, including fallout from the recession, generational shifts and the changing global economy, which provide opportunities for retailers everywhere. [Read more]