Webrooming: From Online Browsing to In-Store Buying


By Sheppard Morrow Just as our computers, phones, and music players of today would be nearly unrecognizable to people from ten years ago, the modern consumer would be a stranger to retail marketers of yore. Commercials, billboards, and other forms of push advertisements fail to impress today’s consumer, while phone books and paper maps have […]

Mobile Integration: What You Are Not Thinking About

Mobile Integration

When it comes to building experiences that engage customers, and particularly in building mobile experiences, mistakes are common. [Read more]

Four Things To Think About When Going From Online to Brick and Mortar

Brick & Mortar

‘Will they or won’t they?’ continues to be the big question about Amazon’s plan (or lack thereof) to open a retail store. [Read more]

“Appdiction” and What it Means for Retailers


“Appdiction” is a term that the Apigee Institute (apigee.com) created to describe people’s increasing dependence on their smartphones. [Read more]

Prepare for Mobilgeddon


Google rolled out their mobile-friendly algorithm update in April, and although it has sent some businesses into a panic, there are certain tips that retailers can keep in mind during this change that will help create continued success to a mobile friendly system. [Read more]

Shifting to EMV Credit Cards: More Than a Technology Change

EMV Credit Cards

The past two years have been anything but quiet for the retail industry, with some high-profile cases shining a spotlight on fraudulent use of or access to credit/debit cards and personal information. [Read more]

Fix Common Mistakes Shoppers Dislike About Websites

Website Tips

It is no secret that more and more consumers around the world are shopping online. [Read more]

Customer Experience: 5 Ways to Take it Beyond Marketing

Customer Experience

For most businesses, customer experience falls exclusively to the hands of the marketing team. [Read more]

Know Your Audience and Strengthen Your Website

Online Marketing

Having a working website simply is not enough today. [Read more]

How Independent Retailers Can Effectively Use Engagement-Based Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

When you hear the word “loyalty,” chances are what comes to mind is some type of punch card or points-system – spend a certain amount of money, get something for free. [Read more]