Smooth Checkouts Create Lasting Customers

Checkout Process

It should go without saying that the checkout process is one of the most important elements on any ecommerce site. [Read more]

Run, Don’t Walk: Chasing Customer Expectations in Retail

Customer Expectations

Smartphones and apps continue to grow in importance for both consumers and the companies dependent on reaching them. [Read more]

Understand Your Customers with Mobile POS Surveys

Mobile POS Surveys

Retailers have relied on point-of-sale (POS) customer surveys since the days of pens and clipboards to get a better idea of what customers want from their shops. [Read more]

One System, One Solution, SimOne


Gone are the days when an eTailer must review, license, learn, maintain, upgrade and log into multiple systems to be able to accomplish all the tasks necessary to manage the business. [Read more]

Open Source vs. Hosted Shopping Cart Solutions

Shopping Cart Solutions

Owners of ecommerce businesses have many options when it comes to choosing a platform for selling their products. Options include hosted solutions, open-source and custom solutions. [Read more]

Top Strategies for Free Shipping: Part II

Free Shipping

In last month’s issue, we looked at four of the top ten strategies to make free shipping affordable for your business. This month, we’ll round out my top ten list by looking at more options for free shipping. [Read more]

New Mobile Payment Option for Retailers: ALTPAY


According to a recent study by the FDIC, 9.6 million households in the United States don’t have bank accounts. This group of unbanked consumers is one of the target markets for ALTPAY, a new up and coming mobile payment company, which will give retailers a greater opportunity to connect with a wider range of customers. [Read more]

How to Use Gifting to Drive E-Commerce Business and Customer Acquisition

Gifting to Drive E-Commerce Business

Winning and retaining customers is the cornerstone of success in the hyper-competitive and rapidly evolving world of e-commerce. It’s also the most expensive and challenging aspect. [Read more]

Performance Marketing Lies

Online Marketing Lies

The performance marketing industry is rife with bad behavior. Here are four lies your firm may be telling you: [Read more]

Top Strategies for Free Shipping: Part I

Free Shipping

If you are not offering some type of free shipping today, research shows that you’re losing sales, customer loyalty, revenue per sale and product margin. [Read more]