LoveHandle Grabs Sales

Love Handle

Mike Watts, general manager of DMD Products, distributor of the LoveHandle phone grip, has an expansive view of the potential customer base: “It’s pretty much everybody aged 7 to 70, because we all have smartphones now.” [Read more]

The Sonic Pod Amplifies Everything

Sonic Pod

Vibration speakers are small speakers that are designed to stick to surfaces and then use those surfaces as amplifiers to create a much bigger sound than seems possible from a tiny unit, according to Josh Eastman, owner of New Age Discoveries, which distributes the Sonic Pod. [Read more]

Recoil Winder Blasts Off

Recoil Winders

The resulting Recoil cord winder is a simple idea. It consists of a spring-loaded winder that instantly organizes cords on a spool, then makes it easy to pull the cord back out to use it. [Read more]

You Can Hide It

You Can Hide It

When was the last time you went to a concert or event and was happy to pay the $10 or $15 premium for a beverage or mixed drink? If your answer was “never,” then You Can Hide It, Inc., has the perfect product for you and your customers. [Read more]

Made in USA Smart Blankets

Yon Smart Blanket

Fashion designer Yon O Chang was a frequent traveler with a problem: she spent a lot of time on airplanes, shivering under the thin blankets the airlines offered, and then waking to find the blanket lying on the floor at her feet. [Read more]

Expanded Product Lines at Station Bay Wholesale

Station Bay

It’s always exciting when a new idea is successful, and Station Bay Wholesale has plenty of reasons to be excited lately. Earlier this year, Station Bay introduced a new line of framed letter art in unusual and unique sizes. [Read more]

Balls of Steel: Whiskey & Wine Chillers With a Cause

OriginalBOS Drink Chillers

OriginalBOS wants to put its balls in your beverages, because what better way to chill whiskey and wine than with specially designed stainless steel balls with a patented Arctic core? [Read more]

Wild Animal Hats From Wilcor

Animal Hats from Wilcor

Wilcor, a distributor of camping and outdoor lifestyle products, is excited to expand its line of wild animal hats this year, according to David Corrigan, vice president of sales. The line was introduced last year and did so well that the company is introducing a whole new menagerie of animals. [Read more]

Zaf Group Lighters & More

Wholesale Lighters

Evelyn and Simon Safrani of the Zaf Group are pretty sure your customers have never seen products like theirs. Founded a decade ago, the Zaf Group launched a line of custom and unique lighters, in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. [Read more]

Consumers Demand A Perfect Fit When Buying Fashion Jewelry

Chains by the Inch

If you wear a size 9-½ in shoes, would you buy size 10 because that is the closest size the store had? Absolutely not. If your ring size is 7 and all the store has is size 6 or 8, then you will most likely walk out empty handed—as you should in this situation. The same goes for purchasing fashion jewelry chains. [Read more]