Printing Made Simple

Take Out Printing

Having been in the printing and design business for over 30 years, Below Cost Printing is a one-stop shop for all company printing needs, from brochures and catalogs, t-shirts and greeting cards, to posters and pens. [Read more]

Mobilize Your Online Store

Shop Gate

Smartphones and tablets are changing the way consumers shop, and ecommerce retailers need to be ready with mobile shopping solutions. Shopgate is a leader in developing mobile websites for smartphones and tablets, and also produces special apps for iOS and Android devices. Founded in 2009 by the two CEOs, Ortwin Kartmann and Andrea Anderheggen, and Dieter Kartmann, CSO, the firm now serves around 5,200 merchants. [Read more]

Smart Way Logistics

Smart Way Logistics

Smart Way Logistics is a third party logistics company, similar to a freight broker, serving customers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The firm specializes in LTL (less than truckload), volume and truckload, rail shipments and air service. [Read more]

SnapRetail Marketing Solution Saves You Time

SnapRetail Marketing Solution Saves You Time

SnapRetail is a time-saving marketing solution designed to help independent retailers tap into the power of viral marketing. The company offers a huge assortment of ready-to-use campaigns, and pre-written social media posts and email templates. SnapRetail was founded in 2010, when CEO Ted Teele and a team of experienced retail industry and technology professionals saw the need for retailers to compete more effectively online with big box stores. [Read more]

Power Sales with ROI Revolution & Google Analytics


ROI Revolution, launched in 2002 by Timothy Seward, specializes in search engine marketing (SEM). The firm works with online merchants to help drive greater profitable sales volume through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. [Read more]

North American Bancard: Personalized Payment Solutions

North American Bancard: Personalized Payment Solutions

North American Bancard (NAB), founded 21 years ago by Marc Gardner, CEO, is a full service payment solutions provider. The company offers small businesses a suite of payment products including credit, debit, EBT, mobile processing solutions, check conversion and guarantee, gift and loyalty card solutions, and more. [Read more]

Foleo Offers End-to-End Business Apps


Foleo is a technology company that aims to empower businesses with cloud-based Digital Signage, Targeted Advertising and Business Applications, which include Point-of-Sales (POS) solutions. “Small and medium sized enterprises face multiple constraints, yet need leading-edge, affordable solutions to compete with large enterprises,” explains Nathan R., co-founder and CEO. “Our 360-degree approach is built from open […]

Accept Cards & Get Cash

Dynamic Merchants

Dynamic Merchants’ company affiliate, Michael Rochester, explains that Dynamic Merchants’ goal is, “to service small, medium and even large businesses with lower merchant processing rates, and the ability to accept credit/debit card transactions and electronic checks.” By reducing the overall expense of taking and accepting credit cards and processing those transactions, as well as communicating […]