Sensationally Creative Jewelry

Sensational Creative Jewelry

What started as a small retail boutique in a day spa has grown exponentially into a creatively successful jewelry business. [Read more]

Welman’s Silver Lining

Welman Group

You know the saying: If you like it, then you better put a ring on it. [Read more]

Success With Gold-Layered Jewelry

Bella Joias Miami

There is one main reason that jewelry wholesaler Bella’s Joias Miami has been flourishing for some 25 years, according to marketing director Maribel Valcarce… [Read more]

Seashell Fashion Accessories

Wholesale Jewelry from Shellie

Shellie has a simple suggestion for customers who buy its products at the retail level: “Always be yourself, unless you can be a mermaid.” It makes sense when you consider Shellie’s product line of beautifully crafted jewelry that captures the essence of the ocean. [Read more]

Sun Fashion Designs: Jewelry That Lasts a Lifetime

Wholesale Jewelry at Sun Fashion Designs

At Sun Fashion Designs Inc. quality is everything. The company carries a wide variety of gold and silver plated jewelry, including rings, pendants, chains, cubic zirconia earrings, brooches, and charms. [Read more]

Teeda For Sterling Silver Jewelry

Teeda For Sterling Silver Jewelry

Now is a great time to get into silver, according to Teeda Wholesale. The company sells sterling silver jewelry in 50 states and 40 countries around the world, offering a comprehensive line that includes rings, earrings, chains, bracelets, charms and more. Teeda is a leading wholesaler of sterling silver jewelry, says manager Jack Tejavanija. [Read more]

Inch of Gold: Custom Gold and Silver Chains

Inch of Gold

According to Inch of Gold, retail success can measured by the inch. Based in West Palm Beach, Fla., Inch of Gold has been a leading wholesaler of fashion gold and silver wholesale jewelry chain since 1982. The company’s niche is do-it-yourself custom gold and silver chains. The products are offered on spools that consumers can touch and feel for themselves, then have measured and cut to their own specifications. [Read more]

Worldclass Jewels At Bargain Prices

Worldclass Jewels At Bargain Prices

Worldclass Jewels owner, Terrance Jones, invites you to take the “Genova challenge.” It is simple enough: put one of her Genova bracelets with a suggested retail price of less than $40 next to a high-end Pandora charm bracelet with a suggested retail price of $720, and see if you can tell the difference. Many people can’t. [Read more]

Tangle Free Necklace Saver

Tangle Free Necklace Saver

The Necklace Saver, available from Armenicus Life, is a patent-pending product designed to keep necklaces tangle free, at home or on the go. Made from lightweight organza, the product is a sleeve that is open on both ends. Holding one end of the sleeve, the user slips an unclasped necklace inside, grasps the other end […]

Spring Jewelry Hits

Spring Jewelry Hits

Jewelry is an essential fashion item for most women, and for many men and children as well. Retailers who offer these accessories in a range of styles, materials and prices stand to profit this spring and all year long. Italgem Steel Group, launched in 2004, wholesales a wide variety of bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, cuff links, money clips, tie bars and key chains in hip yet tasteful looks. “Our mission is to design trendy men’s and women’s steel and silver jewelry at affordable prices,” states Sam Mamane, president and CEO. [Read more]