Trendy Fashion Accessories At ASDLV

Trendy Fashion Accessories At ASDLV

Fashion accessories offer numerous opportunities for sales in almost any retail setting. Today’s best sellers include cell phone covers, jewelry, hats and handbags, and are great impulse buys with good profit margins. [Read more]

Hot Trends in Jewelry, Handbags & Cell Phone Cases


Options abound this season for indie retailers to profit from fashion accessories. Whether you are looking for the trendiest hip-hop crosses and pendants, reflective or name drop bracelets, royal themed bags or wallet-like cell phone cases, there is something for everyone in today’s trending styles. [Read more]

Marilyn Monroe & Elvis Presley Licensed Handbags


Fun fall fashion accessories include an expanded line of striking licensed celebrity icon image bags from Aliz International Inc. Now available in even more exclusive designs and innovative materials, the company’s products feature images of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn, Betty Boop, Bettie Page and other well-known figures. “The Marilyn Monroe designs are always […]

Supplier Profile: Aliz International


Aliz International is a Designer, Importer & Manufacturer Aliz International Inc. designs, imports and manufactures fashion handbags, luggage, leather goods and accessories. Established in 1991 in Orlando, FL, the company delivers products that offer exciting images, colors and patterns, as well as functionality and high quality. Aliz International’s team of in-house designers travels the world […]

Pinups & Trendy Purses

Aliz Handbags

Aliz believes it doesn’t always need to be about a new concept, just a little reinvention and freshening up among its handbag lineup. [Read more]

Aliz International Updates Licensed Purse Products

licensed handbags

Aliz International’s licensed celebrity bags continue to sell well season after season and will soon see new additions. [Read more]

Aliz Handbags Expands Line for Spring With New Designs, Colors

New Designs for Spring & Summer

Orlando based handbag wholesaler, Aliz International, is committed to offering retailers the best and newest styles at reasonable prices, and company cofounder, Rosanna Tran, is especially proud of her latest offerings. “For spring, we’ve come out with a line combining our licensed products with high fashion, creating a whole new look for us,” she says. […]

Handbags Galore Available At Aliz International

Aliz Handbags

Handbags are “must-have” gift items for the holidays. Be sure to stock up now so you’ve got enough inventory when shoppers come calling [Read more]