North American Bancard: Personalized Payment Solutions

North American Bancard: Personalized Payment Solutions

North American Bancard (NAB), founded 21 years ago by Marc Gardner, CEO, is a full service payment solutions provider. The company offers small businesses a suite of payment products including credit, debit, EBT, mobile processing solutions, check conversion and guarantee, gift and loyalty card solutions, and more. [Read more]

Hot Trend: Stock up on Loom Links

Monster Trendz loom links

Personalized and customized jewelry is still hugely popular with consumers. Monster Trendz integrates products with the latest trends along with the name of a tourist location or attraction. Neon bracelets are another strong seller, and they are evolving from a novel look for kids into a higher end style at a more mature price point. [Read more]

Pinterest: A Retailer’s Social Media Superman (part one)


Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter are essential business tools. They help retailers connect with and inform existing customers, and allow them to pick up a few new customers along the way. Pinterest gives you the capacity to skyrocket your brand exposure with a single click, and is one of the greatest social media channels to ramp up lead generation. If you are not yet marketing your retail store on Pinterest, then you are missing a serious opportunity to increase sales. [Read more]

Custom Gold Chains Yield Huge Profits

Inch of Gold Inc.

Inch of Gold Inc. is a wholesale supplier of fashion jewelry chains that retailers sell by the inch, and has been specializing in this model for more than 30 years. Inch of Gold’s fashion chains include 18k gold layered chains, sterling silver layered chains, crystal chains containing genuine Austrian crystals, and stainless steel chains. [Read more]

Real Chemistry 3-Minute Precision Peel

Real Chemistry 3-Minute Precision Peel

The Real Chemistry 3-Minute Precision Peel from BluDahlia treats acne, eczema, fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. It gently exfoliates the face and décolletage, leaving skin radiant and velvety soft. Made in the USA, the peel is different than other skincare products because it is a pH neutral protein peel that does not contain acid [Read more]

Save-A-Cell Rescues Smartphones

Save-A-Cell Rescues Smartphones

Save-A-Cell, the wet phone rescue kit from Xceptional Marketing Solutions, is a great way for consumers to save their smartphones if they are submerged in water or splashed with any liquid. The product dries wet phones quickly, saving consumers money by recovering the use of their devices and preserving their data, such as contacts and photos. [Read more]

Merling Wholesales Licensed Sports Fan Merchandise

Merling Wholesales Licensed Sports Fan Merchandise

Merling Sports, launched in 1999, is one of the largest wholesale distributors of licensed sports fan merchandise in the USA. Located in Cumberland, MD, Merling Sports is a one stop shop for sports fan merchandise, for all teams and all leagues, including NFL, MLB, NCAA, NBA and NHL. [Read more]

New Personal Massager from IQ Technologies


The newest version of the IQ Electric Massager, now available from IQ Technologies Inc., is loaded with the latest features in mini massagers. IQ Technologies is a distributor of mini electric massagers that improve circulation and provide temporary relief from minor aches and pains associated with sore muscles, stress and tension. “The IQ Massager is […]

Sports and Fashion Sunglasses for Extreme Profits


Pacific Link Wholesale Sunglasses, established in 2001, designs and wholesales a vast array of sports and fashion sunglasses. From shatterproof to chic, original, high quality styles are offered at the most competitive prices, says David Chen, president. Pacific Link’s main sports sunglasses lines are ELEMENT 8 and VERTX, and its popular fashion brand is VOX. […]

Apparel Trends: From Runway to Real Life

Fall 2013 trends

The runways of Milan, New York and London are a far cry from the local main streets across America. How you take these looks from the runway to your local consumer audience is what really matters. Many fall 2013 trends will be familiar to retailers and consumers alike. While some looks will be common staples in customers’ wardrobes, they come with modern updates that will have customers looking to buy. The fall 2013 trends range from the quilted miniskirts to colored fur and jeweled jackets. [Read more]