CTK Car Accessories

CTK Car Accessories

CTK Supply is a wholesaler of car and truck accessories, including steering wheel covers, floor mats and seat covers. The Houston, TX based firm offers retailers dozens of options in style, color, materials and price points. Owner Tracy Meng launched the company more than ten years ago. [Read more]

UnderPAWS: Stylish Pet Protection for Cars


UnderPAWS, from Rellim Products, is the only exterior car door protector that lets one’s best friend enjoy the travel experience without damaging doors. Made in the USA, the product’s patent pending design allows for a universal fit on most cars and trucks, and is easy to apply and remove. UnderPAWS is made of extra thick […]

Boost Fuel Saver

Boost Fuel Saver

When added to gasoline or diesel fuel, Boost Fuel Saver increases fuel economy up to 10 percent or more. [Read more]

EyeCandy Family Decal


EyeCandy Decals, based in South Carolina, has been producing die-cut decals for several years and selling wholesale for the past three. The most popular items have been stick figure representations of families, which buyers place on the back window of their automobiles. “We have hundreds of designs,” says Rob Langs, owner of EyeCandy Decals. “We […]

Celebrity Fragrance Sells

Air PLay

While music is hip-hop and R&B artists, Nelly and the St. Lunatics’ life, AirPlay oil fragrances are their newly found passion. [Read more]

New Magic-Mat Holds Cell Phone, GPS & More With No Adhesive

For drivers needing to keep a cell phone or GPS within reach, but don’t want it rolling all over the car seat, the Magic-Mat from Cajole is the perfect solution. “The Magic-Mat is made from a polyurethane gel that holds things, but doesn’t leave a residue,” says company partner, Jason Barlow. “The gel is what’s […]

True Clean Towel Reminds You of Where You Dried Yourself Last


This unique product comes emblazoned with body parts right on it, so users can stay hygienic while drying off. [Read more]



You’ve seen them in parking lots, or maybe you’ve even done it yourself; folks holding their car alarm key fobs in the air, pressing the alarm button repeatedly as they try to locate their missing car. Now the engineers at Auto-Finder have an updated system to help anyone instantly locate their car, even up to […]



Sometimes, the best ideas come to you when you’re bored and stuck in traffic. That was the case for creative marketing and strategy guy Ethan Eyler of San Francisco, inventor of the Carstache. And yes, it’s just what it sounds like, a mustache for the front of your car. “I was stuck in traffic commuting […]

Mini Signs from KC Creations


KC Creations Inc. has a new line of “On Board” and “Security” signs, featuring dog breeds, to celebrate man’s best friend. [Read more]