Four Things To Think About When Going From Online to Brick and Mortar

Brick & Mortar

‘Will they or won’t they?’ continues to be the big question about Amazon’s plan (or lack thereof) to open a retail store. [Read more]

Brick to Click: 3 Growth Strategies for Retailers to Sell More Online

Brick to Click

Think about all of the purchases you have made during the past month. How much of your shopping took place online and how did it compare to your in-store buying? [Read more]

Sunglass Buying for Spring Profits


The Plano sunglass market is a huge and growing market, according to figures compiled by Grand View Research. [Read more]

Independent Retailer’s 2015 Retail Outlook

Independent Retailer's 2015 Retail Outlook

As 2015 unfurls before us, Independent Retailer is excited to offer you a comprehensive review of the industry outlook for the year. [Read more]

What Small Retailers Need to Do to Survive

Small Business Survival

According to the Small Business Administration, 70 percent of small retailers go out of business within the first four years. However, not a lot is said about why the success of these retailers is such a long shot, or what they can do to avoid becoming a statistic. [Read more]

Retail’s BIG Show 2014 and the Future of Retail

Retail’s BIG Show 2014 and the Future of Retail

Retail’s BIG Show 2014 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City starts January 12. Keynote speakers include Sprinkles Cupcakes’ Candace Nelson, designer Rebecca Minkoff and Rick Caruso, founder and CEO of Caruso Affiliated. [Read more]

5 Tactics for Effective In-Store Marketing

5 Tactics for Effective In-Store Marketing

As an indie retailer, you are responsible for sales, accounting, purchasing and a host of other duties. Rewarding? Yes. Peaceful? No. These routine responsibilities leave few resources for in-store marketing. [Read more]

Online Tool Drives Brick ‘n Mortar Traffic

Online Tool Drives Brick ‘n Mortar Traffic

Boutique Window, co-founded by Ella Wirtz and Courtney Rodgers, is an online marketing tool built specifically for small retailers running brick and mortar shops. “Our goal is to help business owners take advantage of all the online opportunities that are going to help them connect with local customers, and drive foot traffic into their stores,” Rodgers states. “We know that small retailers have a ton on their plates, and managing a website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can be a lot of work that they do not have time to do.” [Read more]

Bricks-and-Clicks: Changing the Face of Retail?

Bricks-and-Clicks: Changing the Face of Retail?

Walgreens has long been at the forefront of retail revolutions. Before the days of the Internet, the company would deliver prescriptions to their customers by the time they got off the phone. Today, the drugstore is changing the face of retail again with its scan-to-refill prescriptions. Customers simply scan their empty pill bottles to order new prescriptions instantly. They can then be picked up in a local store or delivered to their door, whatever is most convenient for the customer. It is this notion of bricks-and-clicks that is taking the retail world by storm. [Read more]

Small Businesses Strive for E-Fairness


Ask Roberta Bonoff, CEO and president of Creative Kidstuff, a specialty toy store based in Minnesota, how her company has stayed in business for 30 years and she’ll tell you, “First and foremost, it’s about offering your customers and your community an experience and service they won’t find anywhere else. Second, it’s about staying relevant […]