Marketing Crash-Course: 4 Critical Marketing Tips for New Businesses

New Business

If you intend to take your business to the masses to begin getting clients and making sales, then it is essential that you have a sound marketing strategy. [Read more]

5 Retail Secrets to Getting the Most out of Your Product Display

Product Display

Retail is both an art and a science. Retailers know that product displays must be creatively presented, while adhering to basic human perception and behavioral habits. [Read more]

Two Important Changes in the Media Marketplace that Retailers Should Expect in 2015

Media Marketplace

Today’s media landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace. It truly is the converged era of consumer empowerment. [Read more]

4 Key Tips To Delivering a Safe and High-Performing Guest Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi Networks

Did you know that 78 percent of smartphone data goes across Wi-Fi? [Read more]

How to Show Your Customers Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is that special day of the year when we all like to show our affections for some of the most important people in our lives. [Read more]

Ecommerce: Get Your Customers to Spend More

Customer Spending

Generating more revenue is undoubtedly one of the most important long-term goals of any ecommerce store. [Read more]

How to Ensure Quality Within Your Point-of-Sale System

Point of Sale

An insidious threat is putting many retail and hospitality POS systems at risk. This fatal flaw in the installation of these systems takes many of them down each day across the country, creating serious problems for countless stores and restaurants. [Read more]

5 Ways to Inspire Impulse Buys

Impulse Buying

Good retail is dependent upon a variety of factors, but ultimately comes down to powerful and actionable strategies designed to maximize sales. Running an effective business is much more complex than a case of opening a store and hoping for the best. [Read more]

Why Retailers Are Sold On Name Tags

Name Tags

Retailers understand the importance of branding and promoting an image for their stores. Most retailers spend time and money promoting their image, a concept that includes everything from designing logos to running ad campaigns, to producing shopping bags. [Read more]

Step-by-Step Guide to Holiday Campaign Planning (Part One)

Step-by-Step Guide to Holiday Campaign Planning (Part One)

Each passing day is bringing you closer to the busiest shopping season of the year. Last year, online sales reached over $54.5 billion in November and December, according to eMarketer. The National Retail Federation expects a 13 percent increase in online retail sales this year. It is important to plan for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the last minute Christmas Bonanza as early as possible. [Read more]