How to Create Lasting Retail Partnerships

Retail Partnership

Many retailers feel they are on their own when they begin in the industry or are growing or franchising their existing business. [Read more]

How Independent Retailers Can Effectively Use Engagement-Based Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

When you hear the word “loyalty,” chances are what comes to mind is some type of punch card or points-system – spend a certain amount of money, get something for free. [Read more]

4 Ways to Add Coupons to Your Marketing Strategy

Coupons and Marketing Strategies

As a consumer, there is a big chance that you have used a coupon to make a purchase in a store. As a small business retailer, you may not have used coupons in your business due to fear of underselling your value. [Read more]

Independent Retailer’s 2015 Retail Outlook

Independent Retailer's 2015 Retail Outlook

As 2015 unfurls before us, Independent Retailer is excited to offer you a comprehensive review of the industry outlook for the year. [Read more]

Preparing for Holiday Gift & Card Selling Season


The holidays can be an incredibly stressful time for independent retailers. They can also be busy and profitable if your shop sells greeting cards and gifts, but you need to have a clear sales strategy to make the most of this unique selling season. Retailers need a plan that will not only create a profitable Christmas and holiday season, but also set the foundation for the New Year ahead. [Read more]

Email Marketing That Drives Sales

Email Marketing 101

A staple in any customer retention program is the ability to write emails that strengthen relationships, get responses, and persuade action. With an overflow of emails hitting inboxes daily, it’s important to develop an approach that not only gets notice, but also is effective at getting results. Make no mistake; email marketing is not an easy feat. It can be made simpler, however, by breaking it down into core tasks, and understanding the job each task plays in the overall campaign. [Read more]

Preparing For Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Excitement is in the air, the food and entertainment is ready, and fans arrive early to be the first to enter the building. Small Business Saturday, the independent retailer’s Super Bowl, is right around the corner. So what can you do now to turn Small Business Saturday this Nov. 29 into Super Saturday? Retailers can implement the following four tactics to prepare their stores for the big day, and spread the “shop small” message. [Read more]

How to Utilize Vendors When Marketing Products

How To Utilize Your Vendors When Marketing Products

As retailers gear up for the busy fourth quarter and holiday season, many are looking to find that next big thing or great deal. In fact, that is why many retailers are attending the ever so popular and growing ASD Show. However, once you find that great deal or your best product in years you need to implement a good, strong marketing plan, which could be expensive. [Read more]

Redefining Mobile POS with Consumer Experience

Redefining Mobile POS with Consumer Experience

By Justin Hotard Small merchants have always excelled at driving exceptional customer experiences with a smile and a handshake. Today’s Point of Sale (POS) technology is evolving rapidly with built in consumer experience (Cx) tools that enable small merchants to compete with large retailers with all new ways to reach more customers and connect with […]

Experiential Commerce: The Vision and Value for Unifying the Customer Experience

Experiential Commerce: The Vision and Value for Unifying the Customer Experience

Buyer expectations have become more demanding. Customer experience professionals strive to exceed them, but there comes a time when their efforts hit the wall. The culprit: a fragmented and poorly integrated digital presence that leaves customers confused and revenue on the table. [Read more]