Shifting to EMV Credit Cards: More Than a Technology Change

EMV Credit Cards

The past two years have been anything but quiet for the retail industry, with some high-profile cases shining a spotlight on fraudulent use of or access to credit/debit cards and personal information. [Read more]

Staying Updated with Jackrabbit

Jack Rabbit

There is a tremendous amount of fraud and theft in the payment industry, hence security is the biggest focus for business. [Read more]

How to Ensure Quality Within Your Point-of-Sale System

Point of Sale

An insidious threat is putting many retail and hospitality POS systems at risk. This fatal flaw in the installation of these systems takes many of them down each day across the country, creating serious problems for countless stores and restaurants. [Read more]

Loyalty Programs: Keeping Your Customers Close

Customer Loyalty

Your customers are your brand advocates, cheerleaders and stakeholders. They are your greatest asset, whether they shop year-round or just during the peak season or holiday season. [Read more]

Faster Help For Holiday Customers

Help for Customers

News flash! Americans are impatient! We don’t want to wait 30 seconds for our computers to boot up, or take five minutes to get out of our cars to get our Big Macs. We want everything fast, and that includes checking out at our favorite retail establishments. [Read more]

5 Ways to Inspire Impulse Buys

Impulse Buying

Good retail is dependent upon a variety of factors, but ultimately comes down to powerful and actionable strategies designed to maximize sales. Running an effective business is much more complex than a case of opening a store and hoping for the best. [Read more]

CardConnect Payment Technology

CardConnect Payment Technology

Indie retailers want to accept as many forms of payment as possible to better serve their customers, as well as to achieve maximum sales. Shoppers often prefer to pay with a credit card because they earn prized rewards points. [Read more]

Payment Solutions Increase Customer Loyalty and Sales

Payment Solutions Increase Customer Loyalty and Sales

Retail payment solutions can and should be optimized to the needs of each individual business. Todd Robinson, VP of Marketing for North American Bancard, a full service payment solutions provider, recently spoke with Independent Retailer magazine about the range of small business payment products such as credit, debit, EBT, and gift and loyalty cards, available to help indie retailers support and grow their businesses. [Read more]

Retailers Disappointed in Debit Card Swipe Fee Decision

Swipe Fee Reform

The NRF and retailers, after months of aggressive campaigning, are disappointed by the decision to set the debit card swipe fee at $0.21 per transaction. [Read more]

Small Business Retailers Rally in DC for ‘Swipe-Fee’ Cuts


Battle continues as small businesses fight to keep transaction fees low as promised in financial reform bill. [Read more]