E-Cigarette Industry Smoking Hot

image of clear smoke e-cigarettes

Clear Smoke LLC has developed more advanced e-cigarette technology that is a step above older automatic products. [Read more]

Smokin’ Hot Vapes

hot vapes image e-liquid

Electronic cigarettes, such as Hot Vapes’ line of e-cigs, vapes, e-liquid, e-juice and accessories, are growing in popularity among current and former tobacco cigarette smokers. [Read more]

Vapor Corp. Files Patent for Padded Cartridge

vapor corp patent

Soft tip e-cigarette filter, Vapor says, has the same tactile feel of a traditional cigarette. [Read more]

Reliable E-Cig Resource


Now with over 500,000 Americans using the e-cigarette (e-cig) and over 21 scientific studies of e-cig constituencies, retailers are well advised to separate fact from fiction about the new technology smokers are using daily. For this reason, CEO of the increasingly sought after Premium E-Cigarette brand, Vitali Servutas, openly supports the efforts of the Tobacco […]

Smokers Vapor E-Cigs


According to a recent International Business Times article, e-cigarettes (e-cigs) are catering to a new generation of smokers; a generation that wants to smoke anywhere, anytime and save money. Since e-cigarettes cannot be marketed as therapeutic nicotine cessation devices, Barry Gray, owner of SmokersVapor, is careful not to guarantee benefits beyond the label of an […]

Reliable Rechargeable E-Cigs from SmokersVapor

SmokersVapor E-Cigs

No e-cig is a bad e-cig, as long as it is meeting the smoker’s expectations and assisting in the smoker’s ultimate goal. [Read more]

E-Cigars and Cigarettes


Retailers looking to address both the health and cost concerns of their tobacco and nicotine craving customers have increasingly invested in electronic cigarettes (e-cig). Among those manufacturers making headway in this new market is LOGIC, a New Jersey based e-cigarette company. LOGIC produces LOGIC disposable e-cigs as a revolutionary alternative to avoid the 4,000 toxins […]

A LOGICal Smoking Alternative


LOGIC TECHNOLOGY’S disposable electronic cigarette (e-cig) is one of many alternative smoking products causing traditional smokers to rethink their smoking habits and preferred cigarette brand. It is also a leading choice among retailers looking to address both the health and cost concerns of their customers. While the estimated 45.9 million U.S. smokers may view their […]

HotVapes Adds a Little Flavor to E-cig Selection

Personal Vaporizer

HotVapes’ personal vaporizers are enough to attract customer attention, but the company’s homemade liquids keep them coming back for more. [Read more]

LOGIC e-Cigarettes Provide Traditional Sensory Experience

Logic e-Cigarette

LOGIC e-Cigs provide a revolutionary alternative for traditional smokers, replicating the sensory experience that smokers enjoy. [Read more]