High Quality Yardsticks

American Promotional Products

Not all yardsticks are created equal. American Promotional Products should know, as the creator of one of the most high quality yardsticks in the industry. “It’s a unique product, and we call it our ‘old time yardstick,’” says Mike Murray, marketing manager. “It’s something you would have gotten back in the ’40s when you went into a store. It’s thicker, wider (¼ inch), and it’s going to last forever.” The quality of yardsticks has changed over the years, Murray notes. “Many manufacturers have cheapened them; they’ve gotten thinner, and you can even bend them back. Not ours.” [Read more]

Scentco Rolls Out New Line

Scentco Rolls Out New Line

Up until January, Scentco, Inc. was known for its school fundraising product, scented pencils known as “Smencils.” Now a vibrant, newly redesigned line of pencils, markers, gel pens, and soon, stuffed animals, is available for retailers. “We brought everything on trend and put a lot of design effort into the products. They have a fresh, fun, new look,” explains Sales Director, Brandie Bowers, who is energized about the changes. [Read more]

Eco-Chic Greeting Cards & Gifts

Eco-Chic Greeting Cards & Gifts

The trend in environmentally friendly goods is carrying over to greeting cards and gifts, and offers independent retailers an exciting opportunity for sales. Innovation and changing attitudes within the design and manufacturing industries means that this market offers greater choices and commercially viable price points. [Read more]

Vintage Inspired Gifts

Vintage Inspired Gifts

Keeping up with the latest gift trends and, more importantly, choosing which to pursue is not a straightforward job for indie retailers. While it is easy to spot recurring themes in the market, it is not quite as simple to distinguish which are firmly rooted, and which are temporary fads that could be over in an instant. [Read more]

Double Stax Eco-friendly Multi-purpose Tote Bag

Double Stax Eco-friendly Multi-purpose Tote Bag

The Double Stax is a reusable two tote bag system that can carry the contents of 12 reusable bags, and is easily collapsible for storage. The versatile unit has multiple uses, including shopping bag, picnic basket, car organizer and storage unit. Double Stax’s two totes together hold up to 80 pounds. [Read more]

Heritage America Thermometers & More

image of thermometer from heritage america

All Heritage America by Morco products are made in America, and all products are designed, printed and produced in-house. [Read more]

Natural Crystal Potpourri


Crystal potpourri by Planet Naturals is the newest trend in home fragrance, and a natural hypoallergenic, flameless and aesthetically pleasing solution for a better smelling environment. First invented in 1998 and sold in “Dollywood,” Tennessee’s well known country music inspired theme park, Planet Naturals’ crystal potpourri quickly became a national and international sensation, with marketability […]

Copying Green Initiatives

Many big box retailers and chain stores have made it a habit to invest in Green activities and materials, in an effort to continue their plans for expansion. Yet independent retailers making similar investments will benefit most from their Green initiatives, as money saved will not be going towards store expansion plans, but rather used […]

Paperless Receipts


The national movement to go Green has independent retailers investing in eco-friendly bags, displays, and now, paperless receipts. According to the Boston Herald, “Major retailers such as Apple, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom already give customers the option to go digital. For instance, Whole Foods is piloting a paperless option in the mid-Atlantic region that […]

Green Grows Retail Sales

Momentum continues to build for environmentally friendly practices in retail settings. The U.S. Green Building Council is expected to release its LEED for Retail standards later this year. In the meantime, many retailers are pursuing other forms of certification under LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Since 2000, 2,600 retail projects have been registered […]