Using Video to Engage Customers on Facebook and Instagram

Social Media Video

Gone are the days where you need expensive camera equipment, lighting and professional editing software to create an effective video. [Read more]

Expand Your Reach with Promoted Pins


Pinterest is easy, free and about to make a huge difference in the way you market your store. [Read more]

3 Social Media Tactics

Three Social Media Tactics

The breakneck pace in which social media evolves can leave you feeling left in the dust. Even after learning about pins, likes and shares, there is always something new. Let’s look at some quick social marketing tactics you can put in place today. [Read more]

Resolve to Tweet, Pin and Post in 2014

Resolve to Tweet, Pin and Post in 2014

New Year’s resolutions: we all make them and break them. Your resolution may last a week or a few months, but eventually you may find yourself back to the same old, same old. Typical personal resolutions involve dieting and exercise. For business, everyone wants to expand their reach and increase sales, but you would be surprised by how many people break their resolutions, even with something as important as their business. [Read more]

Online Tool Drives Brick ‘n Mortar Traffic

Online Tool Drives Brick ‘n Mortar Traffic

Boutique Window, co-founded by Ella Wirtz and Courtney Rodgers, is an online marketing tool built specifically for small retailers running brick and mortar shops. “Our goal is to help business owners take advantage of all the online opportunities that are going to help them connect with local customers, and drive foot traffic into their stores,” Rodgers states. “We know that small retailers have a ton on their plates, and managing a website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can be a lot of work that they do not have time to do.” [Read more]

New Facebook Biz Builders

New Facebook Biz Builders Good sneakers

Facebook pages are at the heart of social commerce. They are one of the many ways retailers grow brand influence, find and engage in conversations with potential customers, promote products and leverage the power of peer influence in purchase decisions. The Facebook Commerce Index highlighted three new Facebook changes this quarter that apply to retail brands: the U.S. release of Graph Search, the launch of Facebook hashtags, and new page engagement metrics [Read more]

Pinterest: A Retailer’s Social Media Superman (part one)


Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter are essential business tools. They help retailers connect with and inform existing customers, and allow them to pick up a few new customers along the way. Pinterest gives you the capacity to skyrocket your brand exposure with a single click, and is one of the greatest social media channels to ramp up lead generation. If you are not yet marketing your retail store on Pinterest, then you are missing a serious opportunity to increase sales. [Read more]

Facebook Gets Facelift


Facebook Inc. recently revealed a new look for its News Feed that provides a more visual, personalized appearance, similar to a well-curated magazine, says Facebook’s director of design, Julie Zhuo. The updated feed also organizes content by type, such as “All Friends,” “Photos,” “Music” and “Following.” The News Feed, which displays updates from friends and […]

Jump-Start Your Social Media Strategy


Social media are the go-to tools for galvanizing marketing efforts for businesses big and small. Set your retail store’s social marketing efforts on the right track with the following advice. [Read more]

Facebook Trifecta [Podcast] [Infographic]

snapretail infographic facebook

SnapRetail’s guidelines for retailers looking to be resources for their customers as well as to get more engagement on their pages. [Read more]