The Role of Online Reputation in Retail

Online Retail Reputation

A look at the types of reviews retailers are facing and how retailers can boost their online reputations. [Read more]

Facebook Ads 101

There still remains a learning curve for many independent retailers when it comes to advertising via Facebook and other social media. Although your marketing team may be a one man show, even the little guy can make a big name in his social network. Marketers surveyed in a recent report from the World Federation of […]

Digital Spending Up

Digital marketing

Consumers’ preference for multiple browsing and shopping channels has retailers looking to increase digital spending for 2012. [Read more]

Social Site Success

Success on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the many other emerging social sites is all about the approach. A study by IBM reveals that many companies are missing an opportunity to utilize social media channels to drive sales growth, because of a misunderstanding of what consumers want out of those channels. A majority of consumers say […]

Social Marketing Requires a Professional Code of Conduct

social marketing

Social networking began as a personal communication tool, but the integration of business has transformed these platforms, giving birth to a new code of conduct. [Read more]

fCommerce & Facebook

Businesses and independent retailers have a legitimate place on Facebook. With an unimaginable 600 million members and a more routinely visited website than Google, Facebook promises more than friend requests and fan bases, but also acts as a marketing tool to access the millions of shoppers that login on a daily basis. Yet after two […]

Effective Facebook Presence Result of Innovation and Interaction

Online Media Campaign

Facebook Pages are used as a platform to publicize contests, products, and more. But what features allow your customers to interact with you? [Read more]

Facebook Retailers Searching for Best Practices

fCommer Shopping

Success comes with experience; therefore, learned best practices and real life applications may help you in becoming a successful Facebook retailer. [Read more]

Independent Retailers Finding Purpose on Facebook

Independent Retailers Utilize Social Media

Independent retailers utilizing social networks appears to be smart advertising. Nonetheless, Forrester Research claims Facebook appears to be a waste of independent retailer resources. [Read more]

Social Networking


Social networking, often seen simply as a way for friends to keep in touch, has been pounced upon by big corporations and institutions. These companies understand the value of being seen as, “your friendly motor manufacturer,” or something to that effect. A sector where this can be even more valuable is independent retailing, including small […]