Study Finds Retailers Not Utilizing Social Media To Its Highest Potential


There seems to be a disconnect between what customers say they want out of social media and what businesses think they want. [Read more]

Independent Retailers, Local Businesses Turning More to Social Marketing To Boost Visibility


Research has found with money tight, small businesses are turning to free social media to draw and retain customers. [Read more]

Is Facebook the New Channel for Retail Growth? Some Think it Might Be.


More than just a social network site, it might well be the new frontier for retailers looking to develop more personal shopper-relationships. [Read more]

Facebook's Location Feature

Marketers are excited by the recent announcement by social networking giant, Facebook, of an upcoming location based feature. The new feature would allow users to include their location as part of their status updates, and it is already being investigated by corporations and independent retailers alike, as a means to increase brand awareness and drive […]

Need Marketing Help? Try Facebook

A new blog from online Drop Ship site outlines some easy steps to utilizing social media as part of your independent marketing effort, especially using Facebook. Making the case for going online to reach new and potential customers, the blog notes that: * Facebook, has more than 500 million members; * More than 85% […]

Brands Jump on Facebook's Upcoming Location Feature


The new feature would allow users to include their location as part of their status updates, and it is already being investigated by corporations and independent retailers alike. [Read more]

Email Marketing

Email marketing has now come of age, with an extremely high rate of return, outstanding tracking, reporting, and automated campaigns now available. More businesses should be adding it to their marketing solutions, according to Tim Pacileo, president, of theBoardRoomAdvisors. “Back in the early days, goods and services were marketed exclusively by word of mouth and […]

Secrets for Small Biz Success

SCORE, Counselors of America’s Small Business Owners, offers 10 tips for small business success in 2010: Grow your customer base. Understand your customer demographics and why they buy your products and services. Win clients over with new and diversified products. Offer multiple price points, and create packages or customizable plans which give your customers greater […]

Social Network Use

BEYOND SEARCH, a firm that tracks social networks on the Internet, has released its list of the top ten social network trends to come in 2010. [Read more]

Web Sellers Use Social Media

The economy is not only impacting shoppers, it’s affecting online retailers, too. According to results of’s eHoliday Study, conducted by BIGresearch, shoppers will see changes in retail marketing and promotions this holiday season, in response to economic uncertainty. With an understanding that many of today’s shoppers use Facebook and Twitter regularly, and because these […]