Prevent Return Fraud

Prevent Return Fraud

Return fraud costs retailers billions of dollars every year. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2013 Return Fraud Survey, the industry will lose an estimated $8.76 billion to return fraud this year, and $3.39 billion during the holiday season alone. [Read more]

Is EPOS Software Right for Your Business Success?

Is EPOS Software Right for Your Business Success?

Business success relies on an efficient customer and business workflow. As a storeowner, you must determine which systems have the potential to steer your business to new levels of growth. An EPOS system has become quite common as merchants find that competition is the answer to various challenges. [Read more]

Fraud Prevention Podcast

andrew wren return fraud

Andrew Wren discusses the delicate balance between customer service and return fraud prevention in this podcast. [Read more]

Prevent Return Fraud


Holiday crowds and overflowing shelves provide opportunities for dishonest shoppers to take advantage of retailers with return fraud. [Read more]

New Android App Scam Detector

Image Android Scam Detector

The Android Scam Detector is a free mobile and web application that exposes more than 550 of the world’s most fraudulent activities. [Read more]

Strict Return Policies

The return of stolen merchandise and used non-defective merchandise, including special occasion apparel and certain electronics, continues to pose a huge problem for online retailers and brick and mortars alike. These all too common types of return fraud cost American retailers $14.4 billion in 2011, according to the National Retail Federation, up from $9.4 billion […]

Preventing Return Fraud This Holiday Season

Loss Prevention Fraud

Procedural review audits (PRAs) are an effective tool for systematically combating return fraud. [Read more]

Fighting Return Fraud

The most common type of return fraud is return of stolen merchandise. Wardrobing, the return of used non-defective merchandise, like special occasion apparel and certain electronics, also poses a huge problem, as more than six in 10 retailers (61.4 percent) say they have been victims of this activity within the past year. Yet according to […]

Consumers Fear Online Fraud and Seek Retailers’ Resolutions

Online Shopping

Retailers can assuage consumers’ online shopping concerns with a trust mark symbol, and by taking precautionary measures. [Read more]

Vigilance Pays Off as Fraud Rate Holds for Online Retailers


Although the problem continues, online retailers have taken steps to limit their losses and track down the perpetrators. [Read more]