Everyone Loves Sweet Feet

image of sweet feet spray

“Sweet Feet does more than just cover up shoe odor,” co-owner Thomas Hooper says, “it kills bacteria and people really like that.” [Read more]

Rainbow Honey Nail Shimmer

image of rainbow honey nail shimmer polish

Rainbow Honey recently launched the Equestria Collection, a line that brings together eight uniquely colorful nail polishes. [Read more]

Award Winning Nike + FuelBand

image of nike + fuelband

As consumers become more health conscious, there is greater demand for tools that can track the number of calories burned. [Read more]

Magna Blades Shave Longer

image of magna blade

Men and women who enjoy smooth, clean shaven skin, but not the expense of constantly buying new razor blades, will appreciate the longevity Magna Blade gives their blades. [Read more]

Magna Blade: The Secret to Longer Lasting Razor Blades

Image Magna Blade

Consumers who enjoy smooth, clean shaven skin, but not the expense of constantly buying new razor blades, will appreciate better blade life. [Read more]

EnerG Shot

EnerG Shot image

New Life Pharma introduces a new green tea flavor to EnerG, which delivers as much caffeine as three cups of coffee, with one of nature’s most potent B vitamin compounds. [Read more]

Bytox Prevention Patch


They happen to the best of us: hangovers. A little too much champagne on New Year’s Eve, or a little too much celebration over the weekend can leave anyone with a headache, dizziness, and regrettably, nausea. Dr. Leonard Grossman, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New York City, has teamed up with a friend to […]

Caddy Wrap Products


What do 200,000 Americans getting a facelift annually and 10 million Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder sufferers have in common? Their symptomatic care requires hot and cold therapy. And while a bag of peas and hot towels have been the method of relief for decades, John Lucas, designer and inventor of the FaceCaddy, wanted to introduce […]

Pallet Bargains from AML


AML, a company that self professes, “Buying inventory is our business,” connects off-price merchandise buyers and sellers. [Read more]

Battery Free Groom Mates


Groom Mate Global supplies an eco-friendly, battery-free nose and ear hair trimmer called, Groom Mates. [Read more]