Independent Retailers Can Capitalize on Small Business Saturday

Holiday Sales

Small Business Saturday returns, providing consumers with incentives and a new holiday shopping experience. [Read more]

One Stop Seasonal Shop


Amglo, Inc., a seasonal merchandise wholesaler, has found a successful niche in providing seasonal merchandise to dollar and discount stores. [Read more]

Customers Holding Back on Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping

The first forecasts of the anticipated holiday shopping season bring little cheer to retailers. [Read more]

Retail Trends Boosting Holiday Spirit and the Bottom Line

Holiday Shopping

In an effort to make the holiday shopping experience fun and affordable once again, retailers are following some new trends. [Read more]

Holiday Preparation More Than Supplying Merchandise

Holiday Shopping Preparation

Carrying holiday merchandise won’t be the only requirement for keeping merry customers. They’ll also expect cross-channel integration. [Read more]

Misumaru: Gift Packaging Pros in a Growing Gift Industry

Gift Bag Packaging

Misumaru’s gift bags are a perfect solution for those on-the-go consumers, who may have forgotten about that upcoming special event. [Read more]

Independent Retailers and Mom Sharing a Little Prosperity

Mothers Day Shopping

Mother’s Day is prosperous for both moms and merchants, as independent retailers see an influx in holiday shopping. [Read more]

Retailers See Spring Business Boost Coming From St. Patrick’s Day


Americans are planning the Wearin’ o’ the Green in a big way, which will mean more business for party suppliers and apparel stores. [Read more]

As Expected, Holiday Sales Took a Big Jump Over Previous Years


Assuming the worst is behind them, shoppers spent big on needed — and wanted — holiday items. [Read more]

Locally Owned Shops Step Up To Compete With Online Retailers & Sellers


Web shopping presents a challenge to local brick & mortar shops, but service and selection can bring customers back. [Read more]