Rex Expands Into Licensed T-Shirts

Rex Distributing

Rex International has got your T-shirt department covered. The international wholesaler carries branded T-shirts from globally recognized companies including Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Ford, Chevy, and Marvel Comics, for wholesale distribution according to Mani Sakhari, sales manager for Rex. [Read more]

Star Cutouts Heads To America

Star Cutouts Heads To America

If you see flat masks in the U.K.—from a member of the Royal Family to a character from “Doctor Who”—it is very likely a Star Cutouts product. The company is now coming to the U.S. with a variety of masks that feature a collection of all the main characters from the popular “Walking Dead” series on AMC, including Daryl, Rick, and Michonne. “That show has gone completely out of this orbit,” says Steve Hoagland, international licensing and sales director for Star Cutouts, and a key person responsible for the U.S. expansion. [Read more]

Light Up Construction Sets

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The Original Lighted Construction Set™ from Laser Pegs® is a line of kits that combine light and building, two things kids love. Nearly 50 kits are available, and each contains clear or colorful construction pieces in various shapes that snap together securely, as well as a power source. [Read more]

Licensing Expo 2014

Licensing Expo 2014

Independent retailers big and small can benefit from stocking licensed goods on their store shelves. Licensed products boost sales by attracting new and brand loyal consumers who are willing to open their pocketbooks for brands they recognize and admire. [Read more]

Value & Variety Buys At ASDLV

Value & Variety Buys At ASDLV

Retailers and distributors often buy quick selling products in volume to get the best deals. Many times these buyers choose Kole Imports, Promier Products and Master Cutlery for their reliable quality, discounted prices and great profit margins. [Read more]

National Geographic & Who Ced? Hats

Henschel Manufacturing Co.

Henschel Manufacturing Company, founded in 1947, is a family owned and operated designer and manufacturer of traditional and trendy headwear. The St. Louis, MO based firm carries a vast array of popular styles, and is premiering two exclusive headwear licenses this spring: National Geographic and Who Ced? by Cedric “The Entertainer.” [Read more]

SJT Introduces Busted Knuckle Plaques

SJT Introduces Busted Knuckle Plaques

SJT Enterprises, a consumer products company that makes all its products in the USA, is now licensing the Busted Knuckle property on decorative wooden plaques. “The Busted Knuckle brand is on a number of products and sells quite well,” explains SJT president Tim Smith. [Read more]

Celebrity Cutouts the Life of the Party

Star Cutouts

Life-sized cardboard cutouts and stand-in cutouts, manufactured and distributed by Star Cutouts, are a great way to liven up just about any event. “People use them as decorations, and to take pictures with at parties and other venues. They make great gifts and sell well in party, music, souvenir and gift stores,” says Steve Hoagland, international licensing and sales director. [Read more]

Aliz International Updates Licensed Purse Products

licensed handbags

Aliz International’s licensed celebrity bags continue to sell well season after season and will soon see new additions. [Read more]

Body Jewelry Trends


Body jewelry has been in fashion for many years. Yet with modern technology, piercing devices and newly designed jewelry, traditional decorating of the body has evolved from its tribal roots. And while toe rings and navel decorating were once the preferred way to accessorize, ear piercing has come back in a big way. Now, ear […]