Five Hot Tips for Success

Five Hot Tips for Success

Starting an independent retail business is one of the riskiest ventures you can make. [Read more]

Is EPOS Software Right for Your Business Success?

Is EPOS Software Right for Your Business Success?

Business success relies on an efficient customer and business workflow. As a storeowner, you must determine which systems have the potential to steer your business to new levels of growth. An EPOS system has become quite common as merchants find that competition is the answer to various challenges. [Read more]

LP and Operations: Combat Shrink and Boost Profitability

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Loss prevention teams, in partnership with operations professionals, can broaden their scope to combat profit losses of all kinds. [Read more]

Operations and Loss Prevention

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In this podcast with featured guest, Andrew Wren, independent retailers can learn the latest tactics to keep business running smoothly. [Read more]

Loss Prevention Without Losing Sales

In this podcast, listen as Andrew Wren describes some ways that retailers can walk the fine line between loss prevention and customer service. [Read more]

Loss Prevention and Customer Service: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Andrew Wren

Improving customer satisfaction is top priority for retailers across all areas of business. [Read more]

Closing the Door on Retail Loss

Halting the ripple effect of losses reverberating throughout the retail organization requires consistent implementation of processes, as well as quick and complete follow-up. [Read more]

Fight and Win Against Organized Retail Crime

Andrew Wren

In this podcast, Wren Solutions CEO Andrew Wren discusses how to implement tactics to guard against organized retail crime. [Read more]

Turning Up the Heat on Summertime Losses

Summertime Loss Prevention

New research highlights the relationship between effective operating practices and shrink, providing insights for loss prevention. [Read more]

Strict Return Policies

The return of stolen merchandise and used non-defective merchandise, including special occasion apparel and certain electronics, continues to pose a huge problem for online retailers and brick and mortars alike. These all too common types of return fraud cost American retailers $14.4 billion in 2011, according to the National Retail Federation, up from $9.4 billion […]